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Palin Says Markets Need 'Shakin' Up and Fixin''

Governor Palin spoke this morning in a dirt-floor arena at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds just outside Denver. She started about 20 minutes late because she waited until President Bush was finished with his comments on the economy.

She took the campaign's "maverick" message and applied it to the country's financial troubles. She said the financial markets need "some shakin' up and some fixin' ".

Palin said she was glad to see the Federal Reserve and Treasury said no to a bail-out for Lehman Brothers. She said Washington has "been asleep at the switch" and Wall Street hasn't managed business well.

Palin said the McCain campaign is all about reform and putting government back on the side of the people. She didn't provide details during this speech but that wasn't what attendees were looking for. Many said they showed up to see and hear an up-beat, powerful speech and they were not disappointed.



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campaigning to the stupid-this is really sad-you got that right jeff- she has no details or plans.

Sent by jen | 1:16 PM | 9-15-2008

Yet another hollow message. "some shakin' up and some fixin'"??? How about some detail on what approach you would take to fix the economy. I only hope the undecided voters out there have taken notice of the empty reform message the McCain-Palin ticket have offered.

Sounds like she's talking about making a martini...

Sent by Andrew Meekins | 1:22 PM | 9-15-2008

Christ on a cracker! I'm embarrassed for her. Am I the only one alarmed that her over-simplification of complex issues is offered and deemed (by some) to be sufficient background/experience to be positioned "a 72-year old heart beat away" from leading the entire nation? She sounds too much like W for my taste.

Sent by Kim in DC | 1:24 PM | 9-15-2008

The last paragraph, unfortunately, says it all. Is it any wonder that the campaigns have sunk to such intellectual lows? It's what we've asked for.

Sent by Steve from Illinois | 1:24 PM | 9-15-2008

Really!! Are the American people stupid? This woman though a decent Governor could be just a heart beat away from the Presidency. We should be
frightened. Give me a break!!!

Sent by Pat | 1:28 PM | 9-15-2008

Glad I wasn't the only one who caught onto the distinct lack of details. Sounds like Palin is basically planning on cheer-leading the economy back to strength.

Sent by Known Human | 1:35 PM | 9-15-2008

fact is Messiah Obama is doing just what Palin is doing . all talk and no details and action . Any sane man who understands basic economics can see that Obama's economic plan will worsen the economy instead of salvaging it.

Sent by vijayshree santhanam | 2:06 PM | 9-15-2008

"See here.. ya'll gotcha just shake up this here eco-no-mee and that'll get her up an' a runnin' in no tahm.. Them idjuts on Wahl Steets don't know much of anythang 'bout them there money stocks, see... but take 'er fruhm somebody who knows a thang or two 'bout ree-form. We'll get that thar problem a'fixed in no time.."

Sent by Dan | 2:09 PM | 9-15-2008

Just want to point out that most of the commenters are giving Palin the exact same criticisms that is regularly leveled against Obama, something along the lines of "tone, but no substance". That said, the Obama website has extensive policy documents explaining the things that can't fit into a speech at a campaign experience. John McCain's website has similarly extensive documents, although they haven't been updated to include Palin explicitly as far as I can tell in a quick browse. I think it's safe to say they share the same policy documents.

Sent by Nicolas Ward | 2:09 PM | 9-15-2008

Am I the only person that is flabbergasted at the monumental stupidity on display? Is the Republican's strength a nation of poorly educated rubes? Doesn't anyone think that a McCain/Palin administration would be a horrible nightmare? I'm not supporting Obama here, I'm just asking questions. What exactly is her genius solution to the nation's problems and how did she arrive at a solution where so many others have failed? I think she's lying.

Sent by J. Adam Moore | 2:09 PM | 9-15-2008

this talk of "shakin' up and fixin'" might just work to make a mooseburger...
but it is a wee bit simplistic for tinkering with the most complex free market economy on the planet.

this is more of the same simplistic bravado we have lived through for eight years. people are recognizing that this is just more of the same.

Sent by sean | 2:09 PM | 9-15-2008

Sarah Palin has NO understanding how much trouble our nation is in. And many Americans have no clue how uninformed she is. What Palin understands about the markets could fit on the head of a pin .... if not the point. Cheerleading has hit a new low.

Sent by Bruce in Iowa | 2:15 PM | 9-15-2008

Funny that she doesn't mention one of the root causes: Deregulation as pushed by one Phil Gramm (now advising her boss).

Sent by Brian | 2:22 PM | 9-15-2008

here's the problem; 45% of this country are idiots. why do you think the rest of the globe wants Obama over McCain 4-1?

and if you think Bush was anti-science, wait until Sarah "global warming is a lie" Palin gets to Washington. if she does we're screwed.

Sent by Kelly | 2:59 PM | 9-15-2008

The state of the markets is a net result of the republican party economic policy .. so why should we even think that Sarah and John have a clue on how to fix the problem and why should we even think of giving them a chance .. It is too late now for McPalin

Sent by not a dem just an anti-republican | 3:10 PM | 9-15-2008

It makes me physically ill when I think that there is a possibility that Sarah Palin could become POTUS.
I have never donated to a presidential campaign before but I gave Obama $500 over the internet last week and I think I'm going down to his campaign office to give some more and help out if I can this afternoon.

Sent by Bison | 3:29 PM | 9-15-2008

The state of the markets is a "net result of the Republican Party economic policy?" Wow..that changes everything any expert says about how economic cycles work. What about Greenspan's policy as Fed Chairman? Anyway, heard an economist say that today's economy is the result of the last 25 years of economic policy... Though grasping the complexity of that is not as easy as blaming the president, it's a heckuva lot more realistic.

Sent by tmmiller | 3:29 PM | 9-15-2008

I am glad to know that I am not alone on my views about Palin's shallow responses. What I can't believe is that in the greatest nation of the world, someone like her can be nominated for a VP position and people in the millions fall for it. Where is our intelligence or common sense if nothing else.

Sent by Laura Macias | 3:32 PM | 9-15-2008

As an educated women, I am truly embarassed by her. She clearly has no clue about economics, science, foreign affairs, or any other relevant subjects. Who are these people that support her? Do they know how dangerous it would be to have her anywhere near the White House?

Sent by Ilene | 3:49 PM | 9-15-2008

Governor Palin did give details for her economic plan during her monologue with ABC. That plan is: "Government has to get out of the way of private sector". But that is precisely one of the failed policies that we have for the last 8 years.

This failed policy gets us to this financial crisis; Governor Palin commands us to suffer for another 4 years following the failed policies.

But the people say: We need change that Governor Palin and Senator McCain do not offer.

Sent by Kim | 4:22 PM | 9-15-2008

Red vs Blue all over again..Red...midwestern and southern values...ie poverty and racism vs education and tolerance...generalizations..sure but look at the map and look up the statistics..

Sent by Smith | 4:27 PM | 9-15-2008

"The state of the markets is a "net result of the Republican Party economic policy?" Wow..that changes everything any expert says about how economic cycles work. What about Greenspan's policy as Fed Chairman? "

Greenspan is a Republican.

Sent by David Stewart | 4:37 PM | 9-15-2008

The critique of McCain should be on the fact, that choosing Palin simply is not a serious act. Ms Palin may be a nice person, but with her current experience she would not even be chosen as a CEO of en medium company. And running of government that wants to lead not only USA but also make choices for the rest of the world requires more depth than she seems to have at this time.

Sent by Soren Viemose | 4:47 PM | 9-15-2008

That's it! Maybe we could all fix us up some good grub and pray that the economy survives this result of republican economic policy!
Did she really get it right? Maybe the economy just needs some stirrin' and prayin'.

Sent by Matthew Sanderson | 5:14 PM | 9-15-2008

The McPain ticket has got to go-Just put them both on a whaler off alaskan shores-and let us know how Russia looks from there.

Sent by Jim MClaren | 5:18 PM | 9-15-2008

Haven't you heard? McCain-Palin supporters DON'T CARE about the issues and The McCain campaign knows it. And if you call give them any actual facts about the issues, you'll be labeled an "elitist" which makes them even MORE likely to dig in their heels.

So, since they all insist on being like that--I'll go ahead and say it.
They're idiots and they have ruined this democracy.

Sent by Jennifer | 5:35 PM | 9-15-2008

I can't believe how embarrasing it has been to be a citizen of the USA these past 8 years. McCain-Palin in the White House would make me consider moving to another country. Ms. Palin said she accepted the VP nomination "without blinking". What other potentially earth shattering decisions would she make "without blinking"? When I watch her on TV I keep thinking she will end by saying "Well, I'm not qualified to be VP of the USA...but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night!" VOTE OBAMA!

Sent by nancy | 5:36 PM | 9-15-2008

As a conservative woman I am shocked that this woman is representing my party, she is so embarassing to educated professional females and does women a disfavor by speaking for them. I can't bring myself to vote for this ticket because I can't allow myself to be brainwashed or lied to I've worked to hard to settle for this.

Sent by anna | 6:11 PM | 9-15-2008

as a southerner/Floridian (not quite the same thing) this feels a whole lot like carpetbagging - I'm reminded of the fake Duke and Dauphin in Twain's Huckleberry Finn who have to keep moving along the river after they stir up some fuss, make their take, and get out of town before the good hometown folks realize the scam and bring the pitchforks.

as i am horrified, i am trying also to focus on the opportunity that even with the most disastrous result possible perhaps it will make us as a country face and deal with all the uneven social realities we've yet to address since our nation was founded. please.

Sent by FLAPROF | 7:00 PM | 9-15-2008

I think you have to consider that she is at the county fair where just before she spoke, there may have been a greased pig catch'in contest or a barrel race. Whatever. Seems like the message was appropriate. If, however, you don't think the message was appropriate, well, it's probably because you think BHO and JB can do a better job with the economy. Well, I am just an engineer, but I don't think any president can do anything except be a cheerleader and set the tone. And I would rather see SP be the VP cheerleader than JB. Who can deny that she can be a better cheerleader?
But seriously, SP is right. Let the market get shook and rattled, rather than allow gov't meddling. I am more worried about someone that says I can't defend myself in MY OWN HOME like BHO and JB than someone that doesn't know all there is to know about the economy in two weeks (but is a quick study.

Sent by Mke | 7:04 PM | 9-15-2008

yessir, shakin' up and some fixin'. An' ah helped!

Sent by Jawnie | 8:02 PM | 9-15-2008

Why would Sarah Palin give details. The very best Ideas would only be torn to shreds by the media, the opposition and nay sayers. Sarah has proved her executive experience in cutting wastefull spending.Their plans for the defunct education system will also bring improved education and cost elimination.

Sent by Brian Hildebrand | 9:00 PM | 9-15-2008

Mike: First of all you are wrong about Obama and self defense. He supported the Supreme Court finding of a right to bear arms. He is on the same page as the Court, which said that that right is subject to reasonable regulation. Second, Obama is right about the failure of the repub deregulation of the financial markets led by former Sen. Gramm, who said this is a mental recession and Americans are whiners about the economy. Gramm was and maybe still is McCain's economic advisor. Alexander Hamilton was the founding father who was the greatest champion of commerce among them all and he believed that commerce needed to be supported by adequate regulation,infrastructure, and taxation. Read Ron Chernow's biography. Markets need law and order like any other field of human endeavor. Even Bush has recognized that the market got drunk. Why don't the repubs just say we should have dime beer night at the stadium and let the patrons sort it all out? Presidents can set the tone allright and they can also get the justice department after hucksters and frauds.

Sent by Mike Fleissner | 9:51 PM | 9-15-2008

A Canadian here, hoping and praying that there is a lot of sober second thought going on in your country. I think objectively it can be said that you are a very polarized country politically. It is frightening that the Republican Party would put your country is the position of Sarah Palin possibly becoming the President. It is frankly terribly irresponsible. Hillary Clinton was qualified to serve in the highest office of the land. Sarah Palin is not, that is the long and the short of it.

Sent by paul power | 10:46 PM | 9-15-2008

Mike man. You are so wrong. The free-market does not regulate itself. It is manipulated like a puppet, and exists because of its image.

Neither liberal nor conservative economic ideology can save us now.

And neither can their puppet leadership.

Sent by Jody Sol | 11:05 PM | 9-15-2008

Presidents merely "set the tone" and we should pick our leaders based on who is the most enthusiastic cheerleader? Come on. Even VPs do more than just cheerleading. Just ask Dick Cheney.

"Shake it up, Shake it up, GOOOOO team!"
Yeah. Right.

Sent by Shake and Bake Girl | 2:34 AM | 9-16-2008

Listen, it is more than empty promising. Google a fella named Phil Gramm, note he is McCain's economic brain, now look for his work as Republican senator eight years, and the 262-p bill written with the help of the financial industry lobbyists. It is reported in "Mother Jones" Gramm wrote the loopholes that are the foundation of this financial "storm of the century." I guess McCain/Palin/Gramm will be turning us all upside down and "shakin'" out the last coin from our pockets.

Sent by SuperIdeaGirl | 8:10 AM | 9-16-2008

I'm with the commenter who said that Obama basically got to where he is now in much the same way that Palin is rising to her position. Okay, so Obama was never folksy about it, but for a long time his campaign existed on "inspirational" speeches that really had no substance to them. Obama wowed crowds as an well-educated, charismatic, attractive speaker. I never really heard anything about his policy positions that differentiated him from Senator Clinton. Hate to say it, but perhaps had she been about twenty years younger, she might be standing where he is right now. Kind of no different than how our current president got elected...

Sent by DeepInTheHeartOf | 9:13 AM | 9-16-2008

Dummy moose Palin, there was nothing to bail out with Lehman Brothers. Their stocks were driven down to zero, nada, none, zippo. That is why the Feds couldn't help them. Go take a Economics 101 class, perhaps the one you failed in 6 colleges.

Sent by Andranie | 9:38 AM | 9-16-2008

vijayshree santhanam- it's curious to me that you say Obama provides no details...and then comment on how you think his 'plan will worsen the economy'.

which is it?

have you been given no details? or have you been given a plan that you feel comfortable commenting on?

Sent by jess | 9:46 AM | 9-16-2008

"She didn't provide details during this speech but that wasn't what attendees were looking for."

So much for Republican claims that Obama is all image and no substance. Hello counterargument!

Sent by Kasreyn | 10:06 AM | 9-16-2008

Mike F: How did Sen Gramm pass financial deregulation laws? Was there a vote? Or was was it by decree? Do you know? I'm just curious.

Sent by robert | 7:52 PM | 9-16-2008

I found the answer to my own question. Related Bill: S. 900 [106th]: Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act
Almost strict party line vote in 1999. Dems aye (1) nay (39), Rep aye (44) nay (0) present (1) no vote (1), independents split. For me, this evidence goes a long way towards the argument how government can affect the economy. Political cronyism. I do better with numbers than sentiment.

Sent by robert | 12:02 AM | 9-17-2008

just read that 26% of former hilary supporters are going over to the mccain/palin ticket. these people could never have been true democrats, and the fact that they support a man that has done a complete turnaround from his "straight talk express" to cowtow to the religious right, and a woman who has absolutely nothing in common with hilary except her genitalia, just blows my mind!

Sent by sheila wachsman | 8:34 AM | 9-18-2008

"guys and gals", be fair about this: she's absolutely right--Washington does need "shakin' up and fixin'"--because it's been in Repub control for far too long. Sarah just hasn't realized yet that her passionate commitment to honesty, straight talk, "reform" and "shakin up and fixin" will compel her to VOTE DEMOCRAT! Go Sarah, turn the country BLUE!

Sent by terry Sopher | 9:32 AM | 9-18-2008

If you read Obama's economic plan it proves that he believes in free markets, but wants a proactive plan for oversight of the markets rather than the "reactive" methodology subscribed to by the Republicans. McCain is correct that the economy is not one of his strong points and trusting this to Phil Gramm is asking for further trouble! In a possible McCain Administration, you have to wonder what posts the defunct management team(s) at Lehman, Freddie & Fannie will be appointed to?

Sent by Celeste | 11:35 AM | 9-18-2008