On the Road

Palin Takeout T

Newest t-shirt making the rounds on the McCain campaign plane...

An olive green number with antlers behind the following text:

"Sarah Palin can hunt, dress, cook and serve her own dinner. Joe Biden can order takeout. Enough said. Vote Palin Veep."



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Clearly a qualification for assuming the highest office in the land. I'm sure Putin will be very impressed - assuming she can yell far enough from that "distant island you can see Russia on".

Sent by Leigh Cutler | 11:15 AM | 9-15-2008

Lehman Brothers is folding and all the Republicans can promote is Palin's hunting and survival skills, that's Ironic!

Sent by WEST FRASER | 11:22 AM | 9-15-2008

Joe Biden regularly converses and negotiates with world leaders. Sarah Palin can see Russia from her home.

Sent by Lea Cloyd | 11:27 AM | 9-15-2008

Joe Biden knows more about Foreign Policy than a two week crash course that palin just went through. Really how sad that American wants another unprepared person only becuase they "like them"

Sent by Pam Llorens | 11:30 AM | 9-15-2008

Wow! That's fantastic! We should let her stay in Alaska where she will have more opportunities to do all that than in Washington.

Sent by Brad DeBruler | 11:30 AM | 9-15-2008

What on Earth does that have to do with ones' qualifications, ability to discern and address the ridiculous number os crises that our country is facing today. How are we going to pay for these wars, bailout after bailout, and defense contractors? By borrowing money from the Chinese and cutting taxes???

This is utter lunacy. Her record speaks for itself, secrecy, stonewalling, deficits, hand outs to crony's. I have had rougher interviews applying for jobs as a Career Counselor for a Master's of International Relations degree program.

Wake Up America. Pay Attention!

Sent by sk13 | 11:32 AM | 9-15-2008

just another example of the republican style of junior high politics.

Sent by john snyder | 11:33 AM | 9-15-2008

Hmmm, which one of these scenarios is more like the "average American?" Since more than half of many American's meals are take-out from fast food "restaurants," I'd say that makes Sarah Palin an elitist. Besides, once she gets to Washington, what is she planning on hunting? The homeless?

Sent by Jessica | 11:34 AM | 9-15-2008

Gosh, if that's all it takes to win... I'm moving to another country.

Oh, wait, this is only reality on the McPlane. Mr. Greene, find some real news, somewhere, anywhere, STAT.

Sent by RG, Tampa, FL | 11:36 AM | 9-15-2008

So I'm supposed to believe if I vote for Palin, she'll come to my house and do all the cooking? Will she clean, too? Will she mow my lawn?

Sent by Gary Cooper | 11:40 AM | 9-15-2008

Nice to know that if a deer broke into the White House, she could kill, cook it and eat it in under 2 hours flat! That's what I like to see in *my* VP!

Sent by Teresa | 11:44 AM | 9-15-2008

That makes her qualified to be the White House chef, not VP.

Sent by Shannon | 11:46 AM | 9-15-2008

To be able to hunt, dress, cook and serve her own dinner qualifies you to become Vie President? Then that also makes the Freeman Militia, the Unabomber and Aryan Nations qualified to be Vice President.

Sent by Kathy Russell | 11:47 AM | 9-15-2008

That's cute. But for me the important question is which VP candidate is better prepared to deal with Vladimir Putin and Hugo Chavez in case something happens to the President.

Sent by Rodney | 11:50 AM | 9-15-2008

I would rather have a woman that knows something about our government other than how to hire a lobbyist to get earmarks for Alaska. What a farce.

Sent by Claire Celsi | 11:50 AM | 9-15-2008

Who cares?! These show NO ability to lead the country. Joe Biden is a known quality leader. McCain's choice was a rash one! Much like the Bush, cowboy maverick like decision to go into Iraq. We need someone who listens and considers the consequenses of their decisions!

Sent by Marialice Wallace | 11:52 AM | 9-15-2008

Although hunting and cleaning your kill were good life skills 100 years ago, seems you become much more productive when you don't have to spend half the day preparing your dinner. With that extra time you saved by ordering takeout, you can say... become experienced in foreign affairs? Now as for who I would rather be lost in the tundra with, def Palin.

Sent by Justin | 11:54 AM | 9-15-2008

Wow, what a great reason to vote for someone. I'm totally convinced.

Is the McCain-Palin camp EVER going to talk about something that matters to the American people? Or are we in for 6 more weeks of issues-dodging?

Sent by SRB | 11:57 AM | 9-15-2008

She can also bear and raise her own kids. Biden and Obama can do neither.

Sent by Brian | 11:57 AM | 9-15-2008

Hunting and culinary skills... exactly what I look for in a leader. Nevermind proper intellectual habits, I want someone so hard-wired they dont blink in the face of a moose.

Sent by DK | 11:57 AM | 9-15-2008

What does this say about the first Presiden George Bush, who was amazed at the check out process at a local grocery store? I am not sure that sending Sarah Palin to Iraq on a Moose Hunt will make the world more secure.

Sent by Gary Jones | 11:58 AM | 9-15-2008

Why are so many people excited that Palin can kill something? Anyone can kill something.

Sent by B. Winkle | 11:59 AM | 9-15-2008

Wow! What a compelling slogan. I'm convinced.

Sent by F. Andy Seidl | 12:01 PM | 9-15-2008

While Palin was out hunting moose, Joe was in congress working hard for us or driving hours to get back to his family. Take out is the food of hard working over timers!

Sent by Jeff Hampton | 12:06 PM | 9-15-2008

Thanks, but no thanks!

Sent by Paul Ipolito | 12:12 PM | 9-15-2008

What does that even mean? Can someone tell me WHAT that means? Why? Why is it....even.... here? Why? WHY?

Sent by michael | 12:13 PM | 9-15-2008

Issues People!! We want to hear about the issues!!! I don't care if Palin can churn butter while feedin the baby and composing a grocery list, none of these where in the list of "What makes a good Vice President"!!

Sent by Misty Letts | 12:13 PM | 9-15-2008

Palin can only be described as a renaissance woman. She has also boasted that she can see Russia from Alaska. Why didn't she mention Canada? What a disrespectful snub... In all seriousness, why does the media not spend more time investigating and reporting on her alleged abuses of power as a mayor and governor? Are you all afraid of McCain and Palin shouting 'unfair?' I suppose NPR is concerned about its budget getting cut should the Republican ticket win the election.

Sent by William Amsden | 12:21 PM | 9-15-2008

Guess we'll have to unpack all the old spitoons at the White House! Sounds like Granny Clampett's coming to town!

Sent by HL | 12:37 PM | 9-15-2008

What slays me, is that the only thing that will work is to show Palin for the buffoon she is, but no one will because she's a woman. I was equally frustrated that no one made any political cartoons about Senator Obama because he was black. I guess we are still racist and sexist in this society. Otherwise, equal treatment for all. I am old enough to remember when Hubert Humphrey ran, and how he was ridiculed for his manner of speech. Palin is cotton candy, and someone needs to call her on it.

Sent by Peggy Carey | 12:39 PM | 9-15-2008

As a life-long Democrat who is getting more disillusioned with the Democratic party every day, I am amazed at the knee-jerk reactions to what amounts to a T-shirt with a joke on it. The fact that Palin has more government experience than the Democratic presidential nominee is obvious. To quote Ted Kennedy, when will the Democrats "quit sending us these neanderthals?"

Sent by Charles Thomas | 12:42 PM | 9-15-2008

i fully agree sk13 it is really AMAZING!! i feel like this is all a bad joke-accept it is for real-americans need to wake up-i hate using the sexism thing but what the hell is that!!oh men can only order takeout-STUPID!!! I dont care if you hate Obama you are a racist or you dont want to have a beer with him....as the phrase goes. this is not a personality contest this is our lives and until the am people realize it we are in great trouble!!!

Sent by jen | 12:52 PM | 9-15-2008

since NPR is mostly a liberal listener base, i feel free to say this. Unfortunately, mccain and obama are head to head. lets not joke about their idiocies, lets canvas the toss up states such as michigan, iowa, and ohio. I'm going to michigan!!!

Sent by carey c. | 12:55 PM | 9-15-2008

How about this, lets focus on issues and not pander to the republican delusion(s)of ignorance.

Sent by andy | 1:32 PM | 9-15-2008

It's funny how the t-shirt doesn't mention anything about the fact that Sen. Biden raised his son as a single father in the wake of their family tragedy. Talk about a sexist remark! Not only is the t-shirt claiming that Biden cannot cook his own meals, but the real tragedy is the fact that the t-shirt places artificial value judgments on the "masculine" activity of hunting, and the "feminine" role of cooking. To assume that Biden never cooked a warm meal for his family is completely demeaning, as are all the smear tactics by this particular Republican ticket.

Sent by Jim Alexander | 1:34 PM | 9-15-2008

Should also read"Joe Biden can order takeout, speak intelligently with foreign leaders, has plans for fixing the health care in America and has an understanding of the economy" Palin should go dress a moose.

Sent by Pat | 1:46 PM | 9-15-2008

Last time I checked Brett Favre culd do all those things...and play football - maybe he should be the next Pope...seems qualifed enough...
Americans amaze me

Sent by Art Vandalay | 1:46 PM | 9-15-2008

If Obama is going to be the savior of the USA why is it that the democratically controlled Congress, where all of the real work is done, can't tie their own shoes? Obama will be the incompetent leader of an incompetent Congress. It's amazing that liberals can deride a woman that has accomplished more than the person they want to be president. "Present" indeed. Then again, maybe an Obama presidency will be so non-eventful that the country will have time to work out its own problems, at the state and local levels, where it should be happening in the first place. At least the Dem's were smart enough not to pick Hillary.

Sent by Chris Hall | 2:07 PM | 9-15-2008

what a wonderful role model for women. If you can cook and clean and be in beauty pageants.....

Sent by Angela Vetri | 4:42 PM | 9-15-2008

Thats so funny, but so MUCH more to add! For example -

Palin also kills wolves by Helicopter - HaHa! And With taxpayer money - funny!
And makes Blood Pudding for desert...

Now THERE'S a leader with Integrity - can't we all be so lucky to hunt and kill wolves from the air.

She's Pro life alright...just not animal life.

Sent by Regina Caldwell | 4:50 PM | 9-15-2008

First of all... I would venture to say that most restaurants chefs are men. Second, if she did so much good in Alaska, why has new housing decreased the last 4 years. She continue the downtrend. Why aren't her college grades stated anywhere... at least we know McCain was not smart. I believe all presidential candidates should pass an IQ test with at least a score of 130. Would the Republican team submit to this? I doubt it.

Sent by Melina Kouti | 11:40 PM | 9-15-2008

So, opinions, everyone reading this:

Dumber than the "John Kerry is a Queer" bumper sticker?

Or marginally, barely less-dumb?

Sent by Kasreyn | 8:37 PM | 9-16-2008

while wall street is crumbling, the value of my (and many others) retirement vanishes, the Republicans can only talk about Sarah's 'coolness'. When are they actually going to talk about what is important to me and my future?

Sent by Kitty B | 1:32 AM | 9-17-2008


Sent by vinnie | 8:21 AM | 9-17-2008

Of course Bill Clinton, who was a govenor from the "bell weather" state of Arkansas,had all the experince that was needed to run this country. Not only could you NOT see Russia from there, I am sure all the world leaders did not know where Arkansas was or what it was!

Sent by Thom Lusardi | 5:38 PM | 9-22-2008