Step Aside, Fonzie — It's Cliff Clavin's Turn To Get Political

The NRSC has a Minnesota video featuring an array of Hollywood...well, "stars" seems like too strong a word...distancing themselves from showbiz-guy-turned-Democratic-Senate-candidate Al Franken. Oddly, the ad takes the time to plug the Minnesota Vikings but does not mention Franken's opponent Norm Coleman — its ostensible beneficiary — by name. (The NRSC is allowed to promote Coleman, though campaign finance rules prevent the committee from coordinating its activities with his campaign.)

I watched this twice in a row, mostly because the Pat Boone part seemed too good to be true.

As Ben Smith points out, one of the spokespeople used here — 80s SNL cast member Victoria Jackson — has written some outside-the-mainstream things about Barack Obama resembling the Antichrist on her personal website...which is currently unavailable.



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