Fact Check

Get Ready to Fact-Check the Debate!

The presidential candidates are prepping for another debate tonight - and once again, we'd like your help fact-checking their claims.

As we did during the Palin-Biden debate, we're challenging you to help us prove which claims are accurate and which ones aren't. If you hear something that sounds fishy, do some digging and find a primary source that sheds some light on the claim. Once you've found a source, send us the URL. The best way to get the information to us is to post it on Twitter and include the phrase #factcheck, including the pound sign at the start of the word. We'll monitor what you post on Twitter, and anyone else can follow along, too. We'll also be tweeting throughout the night at twitter.com/nprpolitics. We may even come up with some research assignments for you on-the-fly. And if you're not a member of Twitter, no worries - you can always post your research to this discussion thread instead.

We'll sort through your posts and pass them off to our reporters to investigate further. Be sure to check back to Vox Politics throughout the night to see the results - you may just see yourself getting a hat-tip from us.



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