Morning Roundup

Monday Morning: the Plan for Day One, Ah-nold's Smile, and Babies Named Barack

President-elect Obama's transition team is quietly working to ensure that he makes a big splash in his first few weeks in the Oval Office. The NYT reports that his advisers are putting together a list of Bush policies (possibly the ban on stem cell research and the expansion of gas and oil drilling) that could be overturned quickly using the new president's executive powers. And the AP has the skinny on Obama's plans for shutting down Guantanamo Bay prison. Doing so might require the "creation of a controversial new system of justice" for the hundreds of detainees who could be shipped to the U.S. for criminal trials.

We're not holding our breath for any Cabinet Secretary announcements this week. But Obama is scheduled to meet with President Bush at the White House this afternoon. More on that as it comes.

In other news, Chris Van Hollen will continue to serve as the DCCC Chair in the 2010 election cycle. John McCain will be on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno tomorrow night. Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a happy man again. And from Kenya to America, newborns are going to grow up Barack.



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