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Rudin's Call: Obama 291, McCain 247

NPR's Ken Rudin has arbitrated all the tossups and officially predicts an Obama victory tomorrow night. Ken sees 2004 red states Colorado, Iowa, Nevada, New Mexico, and Virginia turning blue to award Obama 291 electoral votes. He predicts that Ohio will go for John McCain.

You can see a state-by state rundown of Ken's calls on the Presidential contest, all 35 Senate races, and 29 House races that he thinks will change hands (23 Republican to Democrat; 6 the other way) in the latest Political Junkie column. Or check out our interactive map.

Ken's disclaimer:

Full disclosure: You should know that in this column four years ago, I predicted Kerry would win — thinking he would carry Ohio. And eight years ago, when this column ran on The Washington Post's Web site, I predicted Al Gore would win — figuring he would carry Florida. So my track record on calling the presidential race is less than stellar. Which, looking at it another way, is good news for McCain.



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