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Settling The Dust

There are a couple of things up in the air yet from this election. NPR hasn't made calls for President in Missouri or Nebraska's 2nd Congressional District. Sen. John McCain leads Obama by 5,859 votes. If that stands it will be the closest state of all (McCain margin of victory would be .02%). Obama can call for a recount but that seems unlikely. Obama ally Sen. Claire McCaskill says there's no point.

NE-02 seems likely to go to Obama, but with only 600 votes separating McCain and Obama NPR isn't making the call until the provisional votes and absentee ballots are considered. Over the weekend, the Omaha World Herald determined that the electoral vote belongs to Obama.

For those keeping score, NPR shows Obama winning 364 electoral votes and McCain 162. If McCain picks up Missouri and Obama NE-02 the final score will be Obama 365, McCain 173.



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