Morning Roundup

Tuesday Morning: Voting, And Some Voting Problems

Election Day greetings from Peter Overby. I'm abandoning the money trail, at least for today, and subbing for Evie, who's resting up for tonight.

Not much campaign trail news, not surprisingly: Obama's in Chicago, with a day trip to Indiana. He and Michelle voted first thing this morning. He has a tradition of playing basketball while the voting is in progress; the game may happen later this afternoon.

McCain's in Phoenix. He was on the CBS Early Show, and plans to hit Colorado and New Mexico today.

As for voters and what they face when they go to vote, here are some things we know so far:

Kevin Gavin of WDUQ in Pittsburgh reports that some voting machines broke down early, and paper ballots were slow in getting to those precincts. But things seem smoother now. He also says an outage temporarily cut off power at a polling site in the Hill District, which is heavily African American.

Philadelphia seems to have bigger problems, however, according to the independent group Election Protection. Pennsylvania generally has reports that voting machines have broken, that some voters are getting provisional ballots illegally, and in some places paper ballots are running out.

Virginia has more than 10 polling sites with machine issues, Election Protection and the AP say. Election Protection calls the situation "far more severe than expected." AP reports that a librarian overslept in Richmond, delaying the opening the polling place there by 25 minutes. And in Chesapeake, there were reports of malfunctioning machines and a line of 1,000 voters in one precinct.

Election Protection says reports from Cleveland, OH, are "of general confusion and mechanical malfunctions."

Harbingers of a tense and contentious day? Or just the initial shakedown problems for systems that were just fired up?

Let us know by texting, Twitter, email, iPhone, Googlephone, or a plain old 866- phone call. Details here.



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