Morning Roundup

Tuesday Morning: What Happened in the Oval Office Yesterday, and the Future of (Former and Nearly Fo

More details have emerged from the private Bush-Obama meeting yesterday. According to the NYT, Obama urged Bush to help Congress pass a broader economic stimulus package and to help ailing automakers on the brink of bankruptcy. Detroit's Big Three — GM, Ford, and Chrysler — have already received $25 billion in federal loans. They're looking for $25 billion more.

Apparently, Bush was open to the idea of a broader stimulus package, providing that Obama and Congressional Democrats would agree to a free-trade agreement with Colombia. Those terms might compel Obama to wait until he's president on January 20th before working for emergency aid for the auto industry.

And come January 20th, what will happen with the war in Afghanistan? The Washington Post reports this morning that an Obama administration might approach the war
with a more regional strategy that could include talks with Iran, "nascent dialogue between the Afghan government and 'reconcilable' elements of the Taliban," the deployment of thousands more troops, a ramped-up hunt for Osama bin Laden.

Plus, Terry McAuliffe — former DNC Chairman and Hillary Clinton campaign chairman — has filed papers for a possible run to follow Tim Kaine as Governor of Virginia. And current DNC Chairman Howard Dean says he doesn't plan on seeking a second term.

One week after losing the presidential election (and a slew of House and Senate seats), the Republican Party is on the lookout for leaders. Could it be Newt Gengrich, Sarah Palin, or Bobby Jindal?



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