American Future Fund

Senate Majority Leader Draws Fire For Energy Stance

The American Future Fund ran this ad in Nevada and Washington, D.C. criticizing Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) for opposing oil exploration in Alaska and off the coasts. The ad aired in July.



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I would like to know who made Reid an expert on what makes us sick and I would like to know who is lining his and Pelosi's pockets to keep them from allowing the peoples wishs to be ignored

Sent by S kip Foss | 2:42 PM | 8-20-2008

Drill NOW, Drill CLEAN, sounds great, but it's not an answer if a means; when we get out of using Arab oil and use the funds gained from drillers being allowed to process our own oil, which is more than even the Saudis have we can invest in NEW fuel, not alternatives, NEW fuel ideas and not our own food products either, Hydrogen or something else, even smaller nuclear, something new to power cars, trucks, boats and planes, we need an attack like the one for the moon by JFK or even bigger than that like the building and expense we had for ramping up for building and science needed for tanks, planes, bombs, bomb sites etc. to defeat the Nazis and Japan in world war II! We need to sacrifice each and everyone to put the money, energy and scientific expertise together to get this done! Think what the world would actually be like if the islamist money was no longer used against us on the battlefield, in the twin towers, in our schools and universities. A much safer and way more free and peaceful world could be ours in a matter of months if only a few years! Let's make the move for our loved ones, our safety and our culture and freedom loving way of life. I'ts worth it and we can do it, we went to the moon; we defeated the Nazis and Japan and in only a few short years. Ho about if the islamists were broke in only 4 or 5 years, would you scrifice a vacation or two, all of us would. Get out and vote, write and march, this is a battle worth fighting for the freedom on not only America but the whole of the human race.

Sent by William Hill, United States of ChristianAmericanPatriots | 6:20 PM | 9-15-2008