Brave New Films

Anti-McCain Group Revs Up

UPDATE 9/15/08: Here's the message trimmed down to the 30-second ad.

Brave New Films says its ad featuring one of John McCain's fellow POWs was delayed but is about to hit the air, running Sunday through Tuesday.

The ad was first announced Sept. 2. A spokesman said the ad buy was pushed back, first to avoid being drowned out by Palinmania at the Republican convention, and then to show respect for the 9/11 anniversary.

In the video, former POW Phillip Butler recounts the time that he and McCain spent at the Naval Academy and then, years later, in North Vietnamese prison camps.

Brave New Films, a 501c4, and its political action committee, Brave New PAC, will follow up that ad while it's still on the air, according to director Robert Greenwald, who founded the groups. The first follow-up will look at McCain's medical records, he said, with more videos and ads examining what Greenwald calls the "Real McCain."



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As a prelude to the following, be very aware that McCain has kept Palin very close at his side and/or at the side of his highest-level campaign strategists/advisors. Moreover, request after request to interview Palin were denied. The only reason McCain/Palin acquiesced and allowed ABC to interview her was because the American people started becoming suspicious-thanks, in part, to the media. Point is, McCain did not want Palin to give any interviews ever--he preferred to have her give Bush-aide-written-speeches and let the American people continue to lustily ogle after her and swallow whatever bulls**t line she uttered, despite it being vastly different from her actual beliefs.

After listening to Palin's interview with ABC's Charlie Gibson, how can anybody even think of voting the McCain-Palin ticket? Palin plainly refused to answer Charlie's questions. At least three times, Charlie asked her if she supported the bridge to nowhere before she turned against it--a simple Yes or No question. She never answered his question and his frustration was apparent. Regarding Charlie's question to Palin on "God's plan", Palin initially questioned Charlie's accuracy on his quote of Palin, but after Charlie told her it was a direct quote--she talked all around the issue, but never answered his question! At one point she even likened her words, meaning, and beliefs to those of Abraham Lincoln! Charlie tried to get her to state her position on Bush's doctrine, but it was so evident she had no idea what Bush's doctrine was, she couldn't answer Charlie's question as to whether she supported it. In a speech she gave in Alaska when her son Track and 4,000 other troops were deploying, she said they were going to Iraq to, "defend the innocent from the enemies who planned and carried out and rejoiced in the death of thousands of Americans"--that means she still does not get that Iraq was not behind the 9/11 attacks on the United States--even Bush has rejected this former position of his!

She is dumb, and ignorant on the issues of national security, the economy, separation of church and state, the Constitution of the United States (particularly Free Speech), etc! Moreover, she is evasive and tells lies, even refusing to own up to her own spoken words (or rants, as they were)! No matter what she now states are her religious beliefs, if you listen to her earlier rants from the time before she was in the national spotlight, she clearly believes the war in Iraq is a holy war--we can't have such a person sitting in either of the two highest offices of the US government! She cannot be trusted--if the decision is hers, she may muddy the waters so the American people are temporarily fooled, but she will wager a holy war--a war we won't be able to easily bow out of after it has started! If you know anything about religious-based wars, you know they are the hardest-fought wars, are neither defined nor confined by countries' borders, and are timeless. A religious war would rip apart the United States Armed Forces from the inside out and do likewise to the United States!

How can anyone not see how bad Palin would be for the United States? Keep in mind, McCain, now 72, is no spring chicken anymore. The pressures of the Office of President of the United States (POTUS) take a heavy toll on every president, but the toll on McCain could easily be life-ending. That would usher in President Palin! Are you ready for that? By the way, if Palin were an American male, of any ethnicity, or a woman of average American weight, beauty, and charm, we wouldn't be having this conversation--McCain would have been defeated the day he announced his pick. But because most American women wish they were as beautiful, slender, and charming as Palin, and most American men are looking all ogle-eyed at Palin, everyone's infatuation is blinding, or at least clouding, their sense of judgment. All of you McCain-Palin supporters had better snap out of it and tune back into reality before election day or, in the alternative, you'd better prepare for some seriously degraded lifestyle changes that include more war, many more casualties, cancellation of many constitutionally guaranteed freedoms, rights, and liberties, and lots of other things you won't like.

Sent by Mary Michaels | 9:09 PM | 9-12-2008

Oh yea this ad will sure be a winner with voters. Not!

Sent by cv | 6:35 PM | 9-15-2008

The problem with these ads is best summed up in the cover story on them "My biggest worry about these ads is that they suddenly catch the attention of mainstream news outlets, and then they get aired to the entire public again and again and again," ...independent groups have discovered they get a lot more free media play from going negative than from anything they say that's positive."

Selective discussion of events long ago do not determine the way a person is today. This goes for both sides. Many young people are quick to decision in their youth. Many people take stands on issues that later in life seem incomplete. Let's leave this out of the campaign that should be about the real differences in issues and ability to govern.

Sent by Phil Laube | 6:46 PM | 9-15-2008

Great ad! Please tell us other facts, like John McCain once called his torturer a "slopehead", and that he didn't like the rice gruel with insects he ate while in capitvity.

Sent by James Chen | 8:39 PM | 9-15-2008

Check out McCain USS Forrestal
Check out McCain Songbird
Check Out McCain Traitor
Check out McCain Charlie Black

I had more, but someone or some group broke into my apartment at took my notes, last week.

Sent by Alan Large | 2:29 AM | 9-16-2008