Chamber of Commerce

Chamber Of Commerce Finds Affection For Democrat

Click here to watch the Louisiana energy ad

Earlier, we wrote about how the U.S. Chamber of Commerce was cranking up its ad campaign in Senate races, but hadn't launched any ads supporting Democrats yet. Well, over the weekend, the Chamber spread the love around.

The trade association is running not one but two ads boosting Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA), the only Senate Democrat who has to worry much about her seat. One commends Landrieu's record on health care in much the same way other Chamber ads praise Republicans on the issue.

The other ad lauds Landrieu for supporting increased oil exploration, thereby creating jobs and "energy security." Again, an issue where conservative groups usually praise Republicans and attack Democrats.

But the Chamber doesn't have the same kind feelings toward the Democratic Senate candidate one state over. In Mississippi, the Chamber's ad blames former Gov. Ronnie Musgrove for losing 51,000 jobs during his tenure. (In a nice bit of symmetry, Musgrove's campaign website claims he created 52,000 new jobs.) In any case, after saying Musgrove represents "fewer jobs...higher taxes...reckless spending," the ad urges: "Tell him to start protecting Mississippi jobs."

It's a typical ending for a campaign-related ad by an outside group, designed to show that the ad is about a legislative issue rather than an election. The lawyers like it like that. It usually works when the candidate is a legislator or governor or something, but it's not clear how Musgrove — unless he actually gets this job — could "start protecting Mississippi jobs."



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