Pictures From Afghanistan's Helmand River Valley

NPR's Graham Smith is in the Helmand River valley of south-central Afghanistan. It's now day three of the U.S.-led offensive there. Smith accompanied the 2/8 Marine Battalion (that's 2nd Battalion, 8th Marines) as it moved into the village of Sorhodoz. He filed a report for today's show, and he also sent along these pictures of Fox Company.

elders and soldiers

hide captionCaptain John Sun meets with elders in the village of Sorhodez, Helmand Province. On the right is the village's religious leader, Mullah Zae Nudin.

Graham Smith/NPR
soldiers in field

hide captionMembers of Fox Company take positions in a field as they move towards Sorhodoz. More photos after the jump.

Graham Smith/NPR
piles of poppy

hide captionInside the compound, the marines found what appears to be the owner's seed stock for next year's poppy crop.:

Graham Smith/NPR
welcoming party

hide captionA child in the village of Sorhodez holds a bag of candy given to him by the marines.

Graham Smith/NPR



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