Edwards Catapulted by Coulter

You can't buy this kind of publicity ... well, actually you could, for however much conservatrix Ann Coulter charges to speak at an event and tongue lash you. When Coulter dropped the f-grenade (not the f-bomb, which would probably have garnered less publicity) on an audience at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, it engendered a wave of outrage ... prompting us to ask, why on earth does Ann do what she does? How does this latest explosion fit into a Coulter history of verbal bombing? Susan Estrich, author of Soulless: Ann Coulter and the Right-Wing Church of Hate, will weigh in. And so, hopefully, will you.



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The woman from the organization that hired Ann Coulter is completely disingenuous at best. Her organization knew what they were getting when they hired Ms. Coulter.

Sent by Toni | 3:57 PM | 3-5-2007

I don't understand her appeal. She's not funny and when confronted with facts she resorts to name calling. At least with Frank Rich, Maureen Dowd or even David Brooks, they site facts to make their points, but like the Bush Administration, Ann Coulter has no need for facts.

Sent by Donna - St. Louis | 4:23 PM | 3-5-2007

Ann Coulter is hilarious and usually right on point. You all need to be a little more broad minded, like many NPR you claim to be. There can be no sacred cows, including all those from San Francisco, Greenwich Village and Key West.

Sent by Steve - Phx, AZ | 4:52 PM | 3-5-2007

Shame on you for even addressing this issue. She is a publicity hound with no taste and you gave her just what she wants. More publicity!!! What she said was not a joke, it was simply a stupid comment done in her typical BAD TASTE!!

Sent by James Ramsey | 5:01 PM | 3-5-2007

Steve, Coulter is probably the most venomous personality in wide circulation in the US today. Is hurling insults and lies left and right at anyone unfortunate enough to get in her way funny? How about her (in)famous comment that we should "We should invade their [Muslim] countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity." Did you get a laugh out of that? Was she really on point with that?

Sent by James | 5:14 PM | 3-5-2007

I wonder if she realizes how bad she makes the republican party look. Resorting to name-calling is just unintelligent and immature.

Sent by Shannan | 6:53 PM | 3-5-2007

Ann Coulter is the Paris Hilton of policy wonk-world. She is in for the publicity, knowing there are organizations that will pay her to show up on cue and deliver the cliche spiced with vitriol. She deserves attention as much as Ms. Hilton does, but America's right are as fascinated with Coulter as America's celebrity-smitten are with Hilton, and probably for the same reason -- titillation on their basest instincts. Annie's 15 minutes have been long, but then so have those of all the fear-mongering right wing demagogues. It seems we have plenty to fear and the demagogues seem to feed on fear itself to produce many radical right wing Americans. Pity -- malleable parts of America seems to love their demagogues in time of stress. Father Coughlin, Tailgunner Joe, and pick 'em, the list is long when times are uncertain. Makes it tough to be a real conservative anymore -- who needs guilt by fascination? Just remember, Annie, keep your skirt down.

Sent by David Johnston | 7:11 PM | 3-5-2007

Calling Susan Estrich an expert in electoral politics is equivalent to saying that the Cubs are experts in championship play --- Losers all.

Sent by J. Curtis Kovacs | 7:45 PM | 3-5-2007

Go get them Anne

Sent by jsc | 9:44 PM | 3-5-2007

Some people say to lighten up. Ann Coulter said the word "faggot" was the school yard word for "wimp."

But I've heard of too many young people who have been beat or killed as someone is shouting "Faggot!"

Modern rap music will never change the hate, beatings and murder behind the "N" word. And modern teenage dialect will not change the hate, beatings and murder behind the "F" word. Jon - Sacramento

Sent by Jon Snellstrom | 10:03 PM | 3-5-2007

I used to smoke and drink a lot. Quess I'll go to re-hab so I can run for "KING". WHO REALLY CARES WHAT SHE SAID, I DON'T, MORE POWER TO A PERSON THAT SPEAKS WHAT HE OR SHE THINKS !!!

Sent by Lawson Wright | 10:06 PM | 3-5-2007

what in the hell hell did she say? I still do not know!

Sent by Ricardo Mulendo | 10:20 PM | 3-5-2007

Here we go again, NPR's left-wing blowhards are trying as hard as Coulter to be a meaningful part of the national political debate. You are out of your league - stick to global warming.

Sent by William R. Smith | 10:21 PM | 3-5-2007

It never ceases to amaze me the lengths to which the right will go when they are feeling the pressure of the voice of the American people. Do they not realize that in this day and time the fact that a Presidential candidate is a homosexual has no bearing on his ability to govern the American people?

Sent by Mason Green | 10:24 PM | 3-5-2007

Ann is entitled to her opinion that Edwards is a lightweight. Her reference was to the fact that Gray's Anatomy star Isaiah Washington recently checked himself into rehab after making his own critical comments about a gay co star. Bottomline: She made a dumb joke, and got tons more publicity than she could have ever bargained for. Coulter is dumb like a fox.

Sent by Kevin Williams | 10:40 PM | 3-5-2007

I have not heard of any republicans or conservatives chastising Coulter for her comments. Maybe I am not paying that much attention to the news but I wonder why I have not heard a chorus of conservatives outraged at name calling. It seems that this tactic is so wrong for either side to initiate.

Sent by Joe Falso | 10:44 PM | 3-5-2007

Saw Ann on Hannity just now, she says it was all just a joke, saying she used a word from her school yard days. I believe a person who makes demeaning jokes at the expense of others to get attention is just a bully. In her case, she is laughing at her own jokes all the way to the bank, so she's not apologizing or concerned, it's part of her act, part of her shtick. She's a really just a comedienne, not an informed and respected political analyst. What goes around comes around, however, and that is guaranteed in this life.

Sent by MRL | 10:47 PM | 3-5-2007

Did anyone else hear her calling Democrat women fat, ugly and stupid; saying that Republicans women were beautiful and smart, like HER? Coulter's entire speech was helpful to Democrats. The better part of America has all but lost it's taste for being lied to for the purpose of monitarily enriching the likes of Coulter and Haliburton. Go, Ann, go. Keep the Republicans busy trying to wash your nasty brand of slime off of their hands. The name "Ann Coulter" will soon be stuck in Conservative craws everywhere.

Sent by Colleen Gardiner | 10:52 PM | 3-5-2007

I suspect one reason Coulter's personal attacks on John Edwards and others trouble us is because as children we were either the subject of or witness to such insults. This is especially true for adolescent girls. There's always a ringleader, a so-called "mean girl," who effectively controls others and retains power by doing a double put down. First the insult: "you're fat." Then part 2: "just joking." If the audience doesn't laugh the onus is on them for having no sense of humor. Very effective. With maturity, psychologically healthy people abandon such manipulative tactics. Narcissists don't. They have an unlimited need for power and attention and school-yard tactics are common weapons in their arsenal of attention-seeking devices. This is true of Coulter. If you really want to understand the motivation for her comments, don't go to political commentators. Ask a psychiatrist or 2 to analyze her. Then you'll understand what makes this woman tick.

Sent by Evelyn | 10:58 PM | 3-5-2007

I'm visiting my Republican parents in a red state, which is why I saw A.C. on Sean Hannity's show, tonight. She defended her use of the word as "school yard language." Well, I'm a teacher.I can tell you that that kind of language is considered hate speech at our public school. She would be written up and issued a dention. She would also take part in a discussion with the assistant principal and/or guidance counselor. Remember the Shock Comic Sam Kinnison? Right before he died, his schtick detailed necrophilia. People like this have to continually out-shock their previous performances.

Sent by Winona | 10:59 PM | 3-5-2007

If you actually listen to what she said, and not just the single word, you'll hear she was first making joke of a recent "Grey's Anatomy" incident and then secondly taking a swipe at John Edwards. Even I admit that "sending you into rehab" bit was pretty clever. If there is any insult to the gay community, it would be in comparing gays to John Edwards. Her comments were simply in bad taste, but nothing more. If you really want hateful rhetoric directed against gays, look up everyone's darling the president of Iran or Robert Mugabe.

Sent by Marc Tabor | 11:27 PM | 3-5-2007

I wish she were running for President!

Sent by Jason | 11:43 PM | 3-5-2007

Our nation will never come together, as long as their are political hacks on both sides, slinging mud and brimestone. Let us debate in a civil manner, than come up with real solutions, that will best serve the American people, an nation. Personal attacks, name calling, make us Americans look so naive, like school children in kindergarden. The American people are fedup with this, that is why so many of us, no longer want to vote or participate in any election process.

Sent by Dennis Lee Brookins | 11:59 PM | 3-5-2007

As a Republican, I find Coulter's diatribes a distraction. Her slurs are not jokes. Her comments are intended to belittle at best, and do nothing to advance the national dialog. It's up to all of us to shut her down by turning our backs. Here's to the advertisers who made their ire known in the only way Ann Coulter can understand. No joke, Ann. We really don't like you.

Sent by T Davis | 12:07 AM | 3-6-2007

good for u Ann baby!

Sent by anomous | 1:01 AM | 3-6-2007

Ann Coulter WILL NOT go away. All these free publicity...she's laughing all the way to the bank. All I can do is go to website regularly and NOT support any of the businesses supporting her website. I don't need to go to any bookstore selling her books either. After her latest comments relating to Mr. Edwards....she probably should go to rehab.

Sent by Marian Dolan | 1:41 AM | 3-6-2007

This is an appropriate moment to recall that 2004 fundraiser for the Kerry-Edwards ticket, attended by them both, at which various celebraties heaped insults on President Bush, most notably Whoopi Goldberg's vulgar wordplay on the president's surname. John Edwards reportedly said what a "great honor" it was to be there and promised that "This campaign will be a real celebration of American values."

Perhaps even the more provocative political commentators need to be held to higher standards of "taste" than the most recent Democratic presidential ticket.

Sent by Jim Abernathy | 2:01 AM | 3-6-2007

It's sad that those of you that follow the liberal left fear freedom and success so much that you have to block words from our language from offending your sensitive ears. You seem to endlessly cry about everything that anyone of sound judgement has to say. As for me I say go Ann at least she is not so frighten of the PC people trying to rule our world that she is afraid of every word that comes from her mouth. As for the rest of you PC people,,,, GET A LIFE.

Sent by P. Right | 2:44 AM | 3-6-2007

Anne Coulter is essentially Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist church with marginally better looks. She's not doing any of this because she truly believes in something. She's doing it because she desperately needs attention. Sadly, we keep giving it to her.

Sent by Rob Mattheu | 6:56 AM | 3-6-2007

Hi Ricardo,
You can read about what Ms. Coulter said here: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/03/04/us/politics/04coulter.html?_r=1&oref=slogin and you can also listen to our discussion here: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=7715190

Sent by Sarah Handel | 8:31 AM | 3-6-2007

Hello commenters,
Just a reminder - we need to keep it civil in here. Thoughtful critiques are absolutely welcome, but personal attacks are not. Please refer to our "Guidelines for Commenting" for more specifics. Thanks!

Sent by Sarah Handel | 8:59 AM | 3-6-2007

Ann Coulter's hate-mongering remarks are a shining example of why I despise the republican party. To me they stand for the party of greed and hate. She makes a perfect standard bearer.

Sent by Anita Cunningham | 10:18 AM | 3-6-2007

Ann Coulter is the epitomy of self righteousness. But in reality she is bigoted, hateful, and insensitive. Is that what conservatism is all about?

Sent by Joanne Rotella | 10:29 AM | 3-6-2007

Money speaks...and I will make a donation to the Edwards campaign today. Keep going Ann...you can only make the Democrats look better and better.

Sent by Rita Zeeman, New Jersey | 11:07 AM | 3-6-2007

Ann Coulter claims that her comment was a "schoolyard taunt," not a comment about Edward's sexuality. Unfortunately, to the milions of homosexuals in our country today, this word is a slur and an insult. How dare she use this word, when she claims that conservatives are "pro-gay", in a way that demeans homosexuals. It is NOT wrong to be homosexual, but it IS wrong to make slurs against ANY group, minority or majority. And, as a woman, I am ashamed that there is a woman who has a voice and uses it in such a hateful, narrow-minded way. It's not funny to call anyon a fa***t, anymore than it's funny to use any other racial or sexual slur. And it's not overreacting to think that she's wrong, since she is underreacting in assuming that she can say whatever she wants and blame others for being insensitive even though she is heartless.

Sent by Theresa | 12:09 PM | 3-6-2007

I was delighted to hear Coltier's comments. Let this "darling of the neo conservatives" spew all the hatred she can muster. The farther she goes, the faster her movement will dry up and blow away.

Already we see it starting. Look at politics of the GOP front runners: pro choice, anti war, pro gun control, etc. Neo conservatism died last november and people like Coltier and OReilly killed it. We should thank them.

Sent by Brian Frederick | 1:51 PM | 3-6-2007

Sheesh, I misspelled "celebrities." Won't sumbuddy pleez fixit?

Sent by Jim Abernathy | 2:02 PM | 3-6-2007

If the Republicans want to associate themselves with a hateful bigot, let them. In the end, what goes around...

Sent by Chuck Demoro | 9:51 AM | 3-7-2007

I was there when she made the comment...even the crowd of radicals at CPAC were shocked by it (before they broke into wild applause)

Sent by Gage | 3:25 PM | 3-7-2007

I would like to think the idea of this blog is to promote conversation and not perpetuate the already huge divide in the country. That is Ann Coulters job. She is divisive on purpose, a schoolyard bully in her own right, but one who has the right to say what she wants, as we all do. Personally I don't understand the appeal-not funny, bad writer, kind of hot but whatever, certainly not a great conservative "thinker" and a lame spokesperson. Lot's of lazy liberals name calling out there too. Coulter and the like have an audience, but I for one would rather hear Newt Gingrich AND Hillary Clinton have an informed debate about health care than comedians pretending to be politicians insult people.

Sent by Aaron Worrell | 1:38 PM | 3-8-2007

Yes, she is smart, mean, and calculated. Sells lots of books. But why does she get bookings at political functions and not Howard Stern? Does the DNC hire Dave Attell, David Cross or Louis Black? (Just asking-I really don't know). I am concerned that the "Right" has mistaken the Coulters of the world and her cable TV counterparts as legitimate political figures. Scary...and yes, Al Franken is running for senate.

Sent by aaron Worrell | 1:51 PM | 3-8-2007

I believe that the NY times best-sellers list for non-fiction is a good indicator of intellectual currency in the U.S., and I found it hopeful that the shallow diatribes of Coulter and O'Reilly gave way to deeper work by Freidman and Dawkins. Could there be a "saturation point" for nonsense and demagoguery?

Sent by J.D. Metzler | 12:52 PM | 5-17-2007

Bill O'Rielly (sp?) was asked when he appeared on the Today show to comment on Ann Coulter. I don't agree very often with him, but he said she preaches to the choir. I agree, she's speaking only to those who support her point of view and she's learned to use derogatory language to attract attention to herself.

I actually think she is a smart woman. She has figured out how to make money saying things that don't merit attention and can't be to hard to come up with. That's pretty smart if you think about it.

Sent by Phil Funk | 8:55 AM | 6-27-2007

Who needs Jesus when you have Ann Coulter to represent the true conservative Christian Republicans?

Sent by S. Paul | 3:24 PM | 6-27-2007

No, no Ann. Any decent human being would never use a deceased child to attack a parent. Ann has certainly shown her true colors this time.

Sent by D. Cheatham | 4:06 PM | 6-28-2007