Sex and the Other City

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I was a huge fan of the riotously female show, Sex and the City, so I was slightly resistant when another hip, sexy foursome took over HBO. But Entourage has become a huge part of my Sunday night routine, and I've learned to love its sweet take on male friendship. Plus, it's sort of like having the girls back, if you think about it. Vince has a bit of both Samantha and Carrie in him, and Eric has plenty of Miranda's blend of skepticism and tough loyalty. And Drama and Turtle have a bit of Sam and Charlotte: adding humor, and sometimes a real emotional center to the show. It's a tribute to how good the show actually is, that the crazy lifestyle and subtle misogynism seems like merely a scaffolding upon which to hang a show about friends. Vince, Turtle, Drama and E. all seem to have something in common with the new Judd Apatow dudes; the immature, but sweet guys who just have a little growing up to do. The show may be young, but anyone who saw Ari go to Lloyd's rescue in the season opener knows: it's got heart (and filthy language, so watch the clip at your own discretion). Today, you can hug it out with Entourage creator Doug Ellin — and ask him the question I'm dying to know: are we ever going to get to see Medellin? It looks awesome.



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