Media in the Men's Room

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When the story of Senator Larry Craig's alleged restroom indecency hit the media, it was a story that had been warming up for some time. The Idaho Statesman had been on this story (you'll notice the unfortunate use of the word "probe" in this headline) for months before it exploded all over Craig — prompting us to ask, why did it take so long for the rumors to reach the major news outlets (ahem—that means us, too)? It's the side story that really interested us — besides, of course the glossary of restroom come-ons. Who better to handle the media side than our own David Folkenflik? (I have it on good authority he can't help with the restroom stuff.) Also mixing it up with the Media Circus, Kevin Naff — editor of the Washington Blade — he's got a couple of complaints for the Statesman.



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The Senator's personal activities would not be fair game had he not used sexual orientation as a political tool. As a public official who speaks in opposition to the personal exploits of others and against homosexuality, he widely opend the door. Hypocrisy is always fair game.

Sent by Laura Griffith | 3:22 PM | 8-30-2007

Did it really take that long for the rumors to reach various media outlets? If so, then they weren't spending much time reading political blogs. Mike Rogers' blogging about Craig has been well-discussed in blogging circles for a long time now. The night the story broke, when I heard Brian Williams on NBC begin to say, "Breaking news out of Washington regarding Idaho Sen. Larry Craig," I immediately thought Craig had either come out of the closet or gotten busted in some way, before Williams could even finish his sentence.

And speaking of probe, a number of bloggers have wryly noted Craig's word choice when beginning his press conference earlier this week: "Thank you for coming out today."

Sent by andy carvin | 4:02 PM | 8-30-2007

IT COUNDN'T happen to a nicer bunch of hypocrites!
AND, IT'S the gift that keeps on giving (to the Democratic Party).

Sent by Ben Andrews | 6:22 PM | 8-30-2007

I think it is so ironic that the republican party oposes gay rights when so may republican officials have engaged in gay and bisexual activity

Sent by Mrs. Mays | 11:42 AM | 8-31-2007

I heard part of the TOTN story on the Craig debacle on Thursday and want VERY MUCH to hear the whole thing. Why is it not available???

Sent by Lisa K. | 6:41 PM | 9-1-2007

Working on it, Lisa! Should be up shortly...

Sent by Barrie Hardymon | 2:12 PM | 9-4-2007