The Real Life Sopranos

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Growing up in Chicago, I heard stories of Chicagoans visiting other countries, and when people found out where they were from, they almost always responded with something akin to: "Chicago! Bam bam! Al Capone!" (Honestly, this continued until Michael Jordan took over as the most famous Chicagoan). The Windy City and the Mob have a long history together. Just last week, a federal trial that came out of Operation Family Secrets took down 5 top members of the "outfit" for hits that were decades old. These are guys in their sixties and seventies now, with names like "The Clown," who are facing life sentences. It was a huge trial, straight out of Hollywood. But, nobody's sure if it really damaged the Chicago Mob. John Kass has been all over this story, and will talk with us today. You can read his last column on the case here. What does the Mob look like these days? Is it still a threat after this trial? Why do Americans love their Mob stories/movies/TV shows?



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I don't understand why organized crime isn't treated for what it is: sedition. Setting up an illegal government to usurp the constitutional authority should be treated more severely than it is treated.

Sent by john | 3:53 PM | 10-3-2007