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Ted Kennedy endorses Barack Obama. Source: Alex Wong/Getty Images

hide captionTed Kennedy endorses Barack Obama. Source: Alex Wong/Getty Images

Usually when I watch political happenings I'm here at work, or in my living room. As it happened, I was stuck at O'Hare airport in Chicago on Saturday night as the results came in from the Democratic primary in South Carolina, and it was a fascinating thing to watch. Not the results themselves so much, but how the crowd responded to the candidates' speeches.
You had the usual low-level murmur of any crowd of about 50 people at an airport gate... white people, black people, hispanic people, asian people, young, old, etc. CNN Airport droned in the background. Until Barack Obama took the stage. People stopped talking, they put down their books and newspapers, and just listened. Some shouted encouragement. And 17 minutes later, when Obama finished talking, a handful broke into applause. Complete strangers at an airport, waiting on a delayed flight, clapping after a political speech. I haven't seen anything like it outside of political events. (I confess for a moment I suspected maybe this was just an extraordinarily civic-minded group of people. But, when John Edwards took the stage several minutes after Obama, most people went right on talking, or reading.)
I won't read more into this than it warrants, but as an outside observer it's clear that for at least one night at one gate in Chicago, Barack Obama owned the room.
Today in Washington, Ted and Caroline Kennedy both came out and endorsed Obama. Have any of the events in the last few days changed your mind, or helped you make a decision about any of the candidates?



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I remember watching the JFK assassination on the history channel, and watching the movie Bobby recently and thinking, how in the world could anyone cry like that over someone they had absolutely no relationship with. And now after almost a year of following and learning about Barack, he has me so excited, and inspired, and full of hope, that I now understand those people completely. If anything were to happen to Obama I would cry like a little baby in my girlfriends arms.

Sent by Andrew Busch | 4:05 PM | 1-28-2008

I've been for Barack since I saw him speak in IL while running for the Senate. Can you believe I gave my autographed Obama for Senate yard sign to my BFF? Doh! I live in NC now, but canvassed for Barack in SC on Saturday. I got home just after 7:00, and was so excited to see the election was already called for him! I cheered and clapped in our family room while my kids (9 and 10) laughed at me! I also cheered and clapped while watching the Kennedy endorsement on C-Span yesterday. Yes, I drank the Kool-Aid and am lovin' it!

Sent by Peggy | 1:38 PM | 1-29-2008

Dont know how many others are as incensed as I am about these chain emails being sent to religious groups and others that question Sen. Barack Obamas patriotism and religious beliefs. (See press link to last weeks open letter from Jewish groups being bombarded with these emails:

The use of the Internet to spread false information about a political candidate--- and thus to affect the outcome of an election--- is particularly abhorrent to me.

We cannot regress to old-style dirty tricks. In the public interest, we need to get behind these emails---and identify who originated them.

Sent by | 4:17 PM | 1-29-2008

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