Trends Are the New Ugg

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Actually, they're not. As far as I can tell, Uggs are here to stay, even with their faint air of Kate Hudson circa "I'm so in love with my hubby" about them. But... how did the damn things get to be so popular? (I have my own theories about the little shoe-puffs — they are the equivalent of giving your feet a really high dose of euphoria.) Today, we're deciphering trends. How do you know when something has really caught on? 100 calorie packs, Uggs, Wii, the i-Phone (oh yeah, we fell for that one)... how do you know that trapeze dresses are so 2007, and it's time to get a pencil skirt? We'll talk to trendwatchers/spotters, but we want to hear from you. What have you watched/spotted/bought/loved/hated/cut holes in/patched up again?



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Some of us are too poor to follow the trends not that I would want to. I don't even have enough discretionary income to follow the trend once it gets to Wal-Mart. It isn't a difficult thing for me. I opted out of the consumer society years ago. I don't want anyone telling me what to wear, eat, or do.

Sent by Lisa Twitchell | 3:25 PM | 1-3-2008

But organic food and the more recent locavore movement are not industry-based trends.

Sent by kevin weeks | 3:35 PM | 1-3-2008

Trends come and go usually during the seasons, people (kids) tend to lean towards what brings them out to more an individual or even to catch up to those who they want to see themselves as. Also what is comfortable to their needs these people will follow the rest of the flock. It goes both ways from where the chain follows, from the top to the bottom and vice versa. From the top the people would get from watching tv, music videos, from commercial advertising with either a familiar face they see selling the product. I'm from Portland, OR, where most of the "hipsters" as people would call it are moving to and settling here. The food company isn't really becoming trendy I feel in my mind but its the fashion and music for the young ones (15-25) and then from for later years it becomes more what is in lifestyle such as food and dining.

Sent by Joseph Nguyen | 3:35 PM | 1-3-2008

Look to yourselves. A few years ago hardly a report went by without multiple uses of the words "literally" and "empowered." These have faded out to be replaced by "absolutely" and, more recently, "surge."

Sent by Harold Brown | 4:50 PM | 1-3-2008

Keep up with the Herd? Is that what your saying?

Sent by Harold | 5:01 PM | 1-3-2008