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We know, we know, you're just suckers for that trivia question, and we didn't want to leave you without it... here it is.

Who won the Michigan Democratic primary in 1972, and what major event in the campaign occurred the day before that primary?

Post your answers here — no cheating please, we all know how to use Google.



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George Wallace won the Michigan primary and the very next day he was seriously injured when there was an attempted assassination

Sent by Julia | 3:02 PM | 1-16-2008

1) George Wallace won it, with a heaping help from a horde of non-Democrats who sought to embarass the national party hierarchy. 2) Was he not shot by an would-be assassin?

Sent by Nicholas J B Ohh | 9:41 PM | 1-16-2008

I was thinking it was that Mclosky letter deal, with weird the crying meltdown...

Sent by blogofacowboy | 11:47 PM | 1-16-2008

Wow that`s great! How I wish we can also win awesome prizes.
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Sent by Leilyn | 9:55 AM | 5-19-2008