One View of a School Shooting

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Students at Northern Illinois University head back to class today for the first time since Steven Kazmierczak opened fire in Cole Hall, killing 5 students and himself. That lecture hall is closed for the rest of the semester. Robert Schneider was teaching theater class in the building next door when word of the shooting came through. In a piece he wrote for the Chicago Tribune he explained the experience of being so close, yet having so little information... of trying to protect his students, yet feeling almost powerless... and of trying to return to life as it was before the killings. Schneider joins us today to talk more about the experience, the memorial services over the weekend, and the first day back at class.



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Regarding Professor Schneider and the student who did not feel safe returning to class: one should feel more safe at NIU and Virginia Tech because the shooters were killed and what are the odds of two shooters at same school. If anything, this would be the safest time to enroll at those two institutions.

Sent by wesley hanson | 3:57 PM | 2-25-2008

Living in Illinois, I am quite tired of hearing about the NIU shooting. It is a tragedy but there are deranged people everywhere and will commit heinous acts if they want to. My heart goes out to the families and friends of the victims and it upsets me that someone had to take lives of others before taking his own. However, I find it unnecessary to wear an 'NIU Huskie' hat or other NIU paraphenalia. I did not attend college there and will only support my alma mater.

Sent by Kristine | 1:04 PM | 2-26-2008