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Today's the day — we're introducing GMV guru Joe Matazzoni to TOTN. It's GMV+JMAT+TOTN.. And we'll be talking to Liz Garmendia about her commentary — the one Sarah liked so much from earlier this week. This is democracy in action (DIA), folks, so get to GMV and start uploading — and while you're there, go watch some of our favorite people (ZZ Packer! Kinky Friedman!) do the same thing. The link is below — check it out.



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My overriding question is: Should we trust our governments, at any level? I deeply believe that it is un-American to trust corruptible, bribable, and ambitious elected officials, and it is naive to trust appointed government officials.

Whether you support defense spending, social welfare spending, or both, I'd question the basis of your trust in the ethical, moral, and economic wisdom of our elected and appointed policy-makers.

If you support far less government across the board because you distrust government, I'm with you.

If you work for a government entity, I hope you "walk the walk" and give a large portion of your income to charity, and plan to donate a majority of your lavish pension and eventual estate to the sick and impoverished.

Sent by Fred Rouse | 9:35 PM | 3-27-2008