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HoooWEE it's expensive to travel these days. As the weather gets warmer, I get the itch to book travel and take off... but what with fuel prices and the stinky dollar, I despair. Just last night my bf and I came this close to booking one of those mostly-inclusive European trips. He's long dreamed of visiting Ireland (his people), and while it'd be an incredible hardship to jaunt across the Emerald Isle, I'm a good gf so I found us said travel package. It included airfare, a night in Dublin, a rental car, and vouchers for 5 nights at B&Bs across the country, for the (these days) low-low price of just under a grand each. Sounds great, right? We were so close to making this dream a reality when the word "vouchers" caught our attention. Hmmm. What if the B&Bs accepting these vouchers are few, or sketchy? There's no way we could afford emergency, last-minute lodgings in the UK where the pound is even hardier than the Euro... so, reluctantly, we backed away from the "Buy" button. Now, in the pits of our non-traveling misery, there's a light — two, actually: Rick Steves and Rick Seaney. Together, the Ricks will assure us travel — even European — is still possible in today's economy, and will offer tips on how to do it as cheaply as possible.



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I want to take my 80 y.o. mother on an easy (for her) vacation to the european continent. I was thinking an inland waterway cruise. Any tips? The Mediterranean or Greece/turkey is also apealing.

Sent by Phil Dretzka | 3:25 PM | 4-1-2008

We went to Koln Germany over Christmas where our daughter is a student. When some of the kids heard that we were coming they offered their 'dorm' rooms to us--most of them were going home for the holidays. We lived in student housing for 10 days and saved a ton of money!!!

Sent by Carmen Smith | 3:35 PM | 4-1-2008

If you have a student ID card, bring it along. Most European attractions & transportations would give discounts regardless if you are currently enrolled or not.

Sent by tian | 7:48 PM | 4-1-2008

Hi I'll be traveling to Geniva at the end of May, any advice as to where to search for some deals on airfair?

Sent by patricia padilla | 11:45 AM | 4-2-2008

Am I misreading this or do you actually think Ireland is in the uk and that the currency is sterling? seriously?

Sent by Eamon, Dublin | 8:38 AM | 4-10-2008