Broken Leg? Rub Some Dirt on it and Play 91 Holes

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Tiger Woods winces in pain at the 15th tee during the U.S. Open. ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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The most famous knee in the country right now belongs to Tiger Woods. And I'm not sure which is the bigger story: that he'll miss the rest of the season because of surgery, or that he played 91 holes of golf with fractures in his leg and a torn ligament in his knee. This may not be Kerri Strug proportions, but certainly Curt Schilling at least. Here's the question, though: How badly will Tiger's injury hurt the sport of golf? He's a big draw, and sponsors and spectators pay a lot of money to be close to him on the greens. Are you a golf fan? Are going to pay any less attention while Tiger's sidelined?



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Sent by scott hill | 3:06 PM | 6-19-2008

I watched golf as a child with my dad--but didn't really "get it." Now my husband and I love watching Tiger. It's a thrill to watch anyone at the top of their game, but especially when they're likely to be categorized as the best ever (or in decades, century, etc. . . ) We also watched Lance Armstrong and Tour de France. Sadly, when they're not competing, our interest lags.

Sent by Marty from Oregon | 3:52 PM | 6-19-2008

I am definitely the exception and not the rule when it comes to Tiger. I used to watch golf all the time and since he has been on the tour, I no longer watch golf because when he in the field there is a high probability he will win. What's the joy in that! I love it when he is no playing because the field is wide open and you have no idea who will rise to the occasion. I am in awe of his talent though.

Sent by Harold Jones | 3:54 PM | 6-19-2008

Tiger has an amazing likability. So often you want to see the champion fall. I was elated when the NYGiants won the Superbowl. But somehow I can't find myself rooting against him.

Sent by Tom in Carson City, NV | 3:57 PM | 6-19-2008

How would compare Tiger with Michael Jordan on how they have each handled fame. And their impact on their sport

Sent by Steve | 3:59 PM | 6-19-2008