Veep, Veep!

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With the Democratic Convention only a few days away, and the Republican Convention to follow, voters from both parties are anxiously awaiting news about running mates. Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) has indicated that he'll announce his vice president on Friday, Aug. 29, his seventy-second birthday. Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) will tell his supporters any day now. By text message.

So, on our regular Political Junkie segment, Ken Rudin will go through the short lists. If you want to know who he has picked, you can read his latest column here. And if you're a betting man or woman, you can check his record there, too.

As usual, Ken will take us through the latest political news. The two candidates traveled to California, to Saddleback Church, and to Orlando, for the annual convention of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Back from vacation, Obama has some new ads, running in battleground states, including this one, about the economy:

It's his answer to ads like this one, by his opponent:

What questions do you have for Ken, about the campaign? And who do you think the candidates should pick to be their veeps?



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It seems to me that a good candidate for either Obama or McCain is Colin Powell.

Sent by David Ano from Ann Arbor, MI | 2:15 PM | 8-20-2008

Obama should choose Louis Farrakhan. America is ready for an African American president and a Black separatist Vice-President.

Sent by MO | 2:18 PM | 8-20-2008

I have several relatives who will base their vote entirely on the running mate as they believe neither candidate will survive the first term. How widely accepted is this idea?

Sent by Julie | 2:22 PM | 8-20-2008

If Bill Richardson were white he'd be at the top of the short list. I was pulling for him for a while, and it's such a shame that he won't be picked... He is so qualified and would (theoretically) bring so much balance and experience to the ticket.

Sent by Jill | 2:27 PM | 8-20-2008

Do you think that Obama is avoiding Hillary Clinton for fear of being rubbed-out in Clinton-esque power grab? When Clinton lied, Vince Foster died.

Sent by Mike | 2:29 PM | 8-20-2008

Any chance of Obama taking John Edwards for VP; or has America had enough of southern Democrat, philandering, liars?

Sent by Sue | 3:06 PM | 8-20-2008


Sent by Kelly | 6:18 PM | 8-20-2008

What about Wesley Clark?

Sent by Robb | 8:37 PM | 8-20-2008

You don't know how you look, till
you get your picture took. Seems
VP's are a bit camera shy...right
now. If Obama wants sure fire win,
pick Clinton. Everything else is a
gamble...lets see how bad you want
the White House.

Sent by Jimmy D | 2:18 AM | 8-21-2008