This American Moment: Ralph Reed

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"This American Moment," our series of interviews with influential politicians, artists, writers, scientists, thinkers, and theologians, continues today. Ralph Reed, the first executive director of the Christian Coalition, now a Republican political strategist — who has taken some heat over his involvement with lobbyist Jack Abramoff — joins us, to talk about what the election and campaign mean to him, and about what influenced his political beliefs.

We want to know what this American moment means to you, too. Looking at this race, and at these two candidates, what matters most to you?



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I look at this moment as a moment when my children and grandchildren will look back at a historical moment when we elect the first African American president. This election has bred hope into the American people in a manner that I hope changes the future of our country that is built upon peace and above all, hope.

Sent by Sivan Tuchman | 2:06 PM | 9-18-2008

I can't believe you keep having Ralph Reed on NPR. He was a critical figure in the Abramoff consipracy. He used his Christian organization, funded by gambling from en established tribe, to excirte the anti-gmabling forces in Texas to block a different tribe from expqanding their ioperation. he was exposed by....John McCain. He is totally corrupt and in the service of the gop as is Grover Norquist.

btw - last night's McCain 'fish like oil rigs' event was pathetic. Anyone who listens critically to that event could not possible support that ticket.

Sent by alan rastellini | 2:24 PM | 9-18-2008

It is unfortunate that Mr. Reed is even invited to talk about this American moment and and to get free publicity considering his invlovement in Jack Abramoff story. He came on the scene with talks about christian morals and family values but in the end it is same ol' washington politicking of picking the candidate that he can lobby with ease and make a few bucks in the process. Unfortunate ideed.

Sent by Boyan, Portland OR | 2:43 PM | 9-18-2008

Is this the same ralph Reed who helped Jack Abramoff fleece that Indian tribe?

How about giving his WHOLE resume?

Sent by steve caple | 2:45 PM | 9-18-2008

IF Obama wins: This means to me that i can tell my inner city students that the president looks like them.
If McCain wins: this means that my inner city student will not be able to get an education beacuse i will have to teach them creationism.

Sent by jim | 2:45 PM | 9-18-2008

What this election is about is preventing the creation of a religious state by maintaining the separation of church and state and appointing judges that will maintain the precedent of Roe v. Wade. The election is also about reversing the trend to abandon regulation and laissez faire government and restore economic fairness.

Sent by Stephen Kay | 2:46 PM | 9-18-2008

I view this moment as a critical time in the future of not just our nation, but humanity. I view it as a clear moment for Americans to not only vote but truly consider the issues, whats at stake and make the right choice. At times, it feels like its a clear choice between the future and the past, between right and wrong. But for so many of us, its what "seize the day" truly means. I am optimistic and so elated about seeing so many people engaged in the process. I am happy because we have a candidate that believes in change, encourages hope, inspires the world, and exudes such positivity.
Yes, I believe in change.

Sent by Monica Getahun | 2:48 PM | 9-18-2008

The "virtues" of the Republican party that drew Reed to support them, is in part the problems of our status quo. The ones that come to mind:
*the belief that we didn't have to converse energy
*the tendency to think only of the US point of view and needs
*to be insensitive to other cultures and countries
*the lack of government oversight of products and companies
Hopefully those that came of age with Reed with that this election time as an opportunity to reflect upon the long term benefits of these values.

Sent by Mary Rich | 2:49 PM | 9-18-2008

Ralph Reed should hide his face and go into a desert for 40 years to do penance for his lying to his fine christian supporters about gambling issues promulgated by his good friend Jack Abramoff. Shame!

Sent by Card Rohan | 2:51 PM | 9-18-2008

Why do we keep hearing from Lobbying preachers? Our government was set up to be detached from religion and we must keep it that way. These people have their own agenda to convert us all to the Christian Religion or some other religion. I am fed up with groups trying to tell the rest of us what to do. This would not be democracy!

Sent by Jolene | 2:51 PM | 9-18-2008

Dear Ralph, Aren't the Republicans now speaking out of both sides of their mouths? Please tell me how the Republican administrations have made middle class American's lives better since Reagan was in office.

Sent by Bernadette Loesch | 2:52 PM | 9-18-2008

The conservatives are correct in their analysis of our forebearer's intentions when they created a republic to decentralize power. Now though, we have a federal reserve, run by banks, and corporate laws that give corporations and money brokers the complete control of our economic system. Wouldn't our forebearers consider this concentration of power in the hands of the wealthy as great a threat to democracy as a centralization of Federal power?

Sent by Charlotte Hutt | 2:53 PM | 9-18-2008

Mr. Reed has a lot of gaul to preach on this topic: he is personally responsible for much of the intractable intolerance and lack of compromise that now characterize our non-functioning government. The direct infusion of religious doctrines into public policy, the embrace of capitalistic markets over government leveling of the playing field, and the derision of compromise as a legislative value has brought us to a virtual standstill: forty percent right, forty percent left, and the swing twenty percent determining election and policy outcomes. Just like Spain, I think, which really hasn't yet settled their civil war. We should take note.

Sent by Jim Joska | 2:55 PM | 9-18-2008

I listened with interest to Ralph Reed's comment about conservatives distrust of centralized power. It seems in this country that power is now incredibly centralized in the hands of large corporations. At least with centralized governmental power we have the ability to vote people out. We as citizens have little/no power to control those who wield corporate power that can indirectly and directly control, as the past weeks economic events show, nearly every aspect of our life.

Sent by Jennifer Ernest | 2:55 PM | 9-18-2008

I am so sick of religion talk in politics! Pls do a show one time on why it's such a huge thing in America when Canadians don't give a hoot what religion their PM follows!!! When will this country (USA) grow up and become more modern?!!!!!

Sent by rk | 2:55 PM | 9-18-2008

I am a white man. 35 years old. Successful. The Roe v. Wade impact of the election is the single most important issue in my vote this time.

Ralph Reed writes me off too quickly, perhaps even too glibly.

Sent by Andrew Shea | 2:57 PM | 9-18-2008

I was 13 years old during the Watergate Hearings and I was glued to the TV set. I do feel this early experience has had a profound effect on my political decision making. I am very distrustful of the Republican Election Machine. They are very skillful in elections - whether it's "Dirty Tricks" or misrepresenting the facts. I just wish that more of the American electorate was sophisticated in seeing these tactics and the media better in confronting this.

Sent by Barb Scierka | 2:57 PM | 9-18-2008

Why does Talk of the Nation want to hear what Ralph Reed has to say about anything? I am sorry, but some one who played a HUGE part in dividing this country has nothing to offer thoughtful, measured listeners. Surely there are other, more respected, less suspect people that could speak to the Republican side of things. How about a monkey? Or a wet dish rag or possibly a festering pustule? Please reach beyond the lazy man's choice the next time you want to hear something worthwhile.

Sent by Dianne Melodia | 2:58 PM | 9-18-2008

Re: This American Moment
What is at stake in this election? Everything! The consequences of 30 years of Republican Deregulation annihilating our economy and a Repulican nominee that has supported Deregulation. He says he would fire the Securities and Exchange Commissioner. Its the Republican Party that needs to be fired. What we need is RE-REGULATION with real teeth if the country is going to be able to move forward, and that won't come from the Republican Party, whoever their nominee is.

Sent by Ann Shannon | 2:59 PM | 9-18-2008

People such as Reed should be glad there is no God else he would be struck dead by now along with the majority of the Republican Party. They amaze me at their ability to spout nonsense such as the lower 25% of the people being better off since Reagan. Their are 45 million people without health care and the poor have risen dramatically. WHERE DO YOU PEOPLE COME FROM?

Sent by Gayle Hales | 2:59 PM | 9-18-2008

I am from Kenya and a NPR junkie.I am experiencing American democracy in action up close for the first time and I am slightly dissapointed by the insular way that a lot of Americans consider the qualifications of their next president and vice president. I understand that individual americans have personal requirements for their leader but considering the current economic crisis I would think that a global outlook would be vital in this day and age. The next president is not just the president of America but the LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD. Taken in that context is it so unreasonable or disrespectful to hope for the next Vice president speak intelligently to the issues in Zimbabwe,Georgia and the Sudan.Especially since said Vice president has a high chance of becoming the next President.
Thank you.

Sent by Christine | 3:01 PM | 9-18-2008

I think an NPR show called "Talk of the Nation" should be less biased .. or alternatively, just call this show the "Neal Conan" show and let it be known that it's a show primarily of, about and for conservatives.

Sent by Kathleen | 3:01 PM | 9-18-2008

Ralph Reed belongs in jail for his involvement with Jack Abrahamoff. I can not understand why he is given voice on NPR. The American memory is very short....

Sent by Jeff Dennis | 3:03 PM | 9-18-2008

This show was typical of all of the bad media around the presidential campaign. Ralph Reed just got free press and free propaganda. Neal did not play the journalist but merely the mouthpiece and seemingly grateful ear for claims that have little to no basis in fact. Obama's tax policy will hurt small business? Give me a break! McCain as anti-Washington? Come on! Bush is not responsible for dividing the country and rather "history" is the problem?! The journalist in this American moment has an ethical responsibility to seek the truth and not to enable propaganda. But sadly, in American media across the country, journalists have forgotten their role.

Sent by Christine | 3:04 PM | 9-18-2008

How can you host Ralph Reed as a credible person? He claims to be a strong Christian with "Christian Principles" first as his guide, as he was stuffing his own pocket with lobbying / gambling money; but worse he needs to explain how he can even come close to supporting a team for Pres and VP that makes up the story as they go. I thought truthfulness - not intentionally telling lies - is a principle of faith. Yet the Palin/McCain team have no problem telling lies after lies even when the real facts are exposed by both conservative and liberal sources? This has always been a confusion for me. How can the so called Christian Right sleep at night? How can Ralph Reed sleep at night? How can Sarah Palin and John McCain sleep at night?

Sent by Denis Johansen | 3:06 PM | 9-18-2008

Ralph Reed is too discredited an individual to be afforded national exposure on Talk of the Nation. Bill Moyer's special has Jack Abramof in an email to Grover Norquist telling him that Ralph Reed was bilking them of money and he was more vicious than either Jack or Grover. Please stop giving airtime to the likes of Ralph Reed who is trying to increase his standing after being exposed as a money grabbing lobbyist who betrayed the religious right he was supposed to be representing. He is not an honorable person, but a duplicitous opportunitist who should not be treated as if he were a serious political advisor.

Sent by Pamela Smith | 3:10 PM | 9-18-2008

I just caught the end of the program with Ralph Reed.
Why are we framing discussions and looking for insights with people with questionable backgrounds? Why do you give moral credence to someone who as far back as college was accused of plagiarism and fired from the newspaper, was accused of rigging an election of Sam Harben in 1983, and was involved in the Jack Abramoff scandal?

Sent by Gary Eastman-Brown | 3:10 PM | 9-18-2008

I wonder what Mr. Reed makes of passages in the Bible such as 1 Kings 22, which devotes the chapter to discussing the folly of recklessly entering into war based on what Abraham Kuyper called a "spurious conservatism."

Further, though it surely is not an interpretation, it is not difficult to derive current applications from Revelation 17 and 18 which describes an addiction all people in all nations have to "the wine"of "fornication" (the Department of the Interior was acting that out quite literally).

Obama has been quite clear that he favors a reduction in the number of abortions, risking the ire of secular fundamentalists. I think the sane way to make that happen is to address root causes as the Democratic party comes closer to doing, and through education, making the choice of abortion more and more an anathema culturally.

The pro-life activists desire that people not see that there is a third plank of reason, preferring polarization, that the issue's power to be a hook-in-the-nose keeps Evangelicals toeing the line.

Sent by Jan Whitehouse | 3:12 PM | 9-18-2008

I consider this a critical moment not just for our nation but for my state (California). I have always voted according to my values and my conscience, not according to who I thought was "electable." Now, more than ever, I want to make my voice heard. I am tired of the political pundits and the pollsters assuming they speak for us. Who participates in all these polls, anyway? I have never been asked to participate in a single poll and don't know anyone else who has, either........

Sent by Michele | 3:26 PM | 9-18-2008

Why Ralph Reed?

Paid flack. Unscrupulous opportunist.
Jeez! Ask him about how he feels about lobbying reforms. Everything is just fine-thank you! (Excuse me while I make another huge deposit at the bank)
Deliberately lies about Obama's tax policy and misrepresents McCain's sudden conversion to change. Unchallenged propaganda! Shame!

Sent by Iowa Bob | 3:29 PM | 9-18-2008

I am shaking in my boots at the legitimization of this guest as he is a key player of the the Party of Evil i.e. the Media based deception that has gotten Americans to vote against their own interests since The reinvented Reagan. A man who slept every afternoon,
confused movie plots with history, who ran on telling people that the root of their economic woes was welfare and single mother.

This is no different from Reed College Republican pal Karl Rove putting Gay Marriage on the bollots of 11 states that got Bush 3 Million addiitonal votes in 2004 against Kerry.

It is no different from the divide and conquer tactic by the Evil Republicans who used 9/11 to empower themselves at the expense of our nation.

They divided one group against another:
Veteran against Veteran, Catholic against Catholic, Christians and African Americans against Gays, the younger against the older with regard to Social Security. State against State, Employer against employee as the White House outlined to employers how they can avoid paying overtime. The not too bright among the rich against the Midddle Class. And the not to bright and uneducated against the knowledgable by calling them "elite."

All in addition to treating the Democrats or any opponents within their own party as if they are the terrrorists.

And all of it including the repetition of lies through dishonest slogans is how the Nazis achieved what they did by turning one citizen against anothers.

But as if all this is not enough the above was only the bed The Republicans made in order to Loot the Treasury of the United States with tax cuts that 25% went to 130,000 people.

Republicans hate the Government of the United States and by their governance it shows. They pushed out thousand of non partisan civil servents and replaced them with Republican Fundraisers, Brownies and those who oppose abortion. And used the Justice Department as a weapon against the opposition.

And now yet another "C" Student (McCain
graduated 795 out of 800 in his class) And it was not only Bush who was a C Student who operates as a Juvenile Delinquent. Cheeney was kicked out of Yale for failure.

By contrast they have day after day after day worked relentlessly to discredit Rhodes Scholars like Clinton, and now Obama (who graduated with a 4.0 At Harvard Law School...YOU CANNOT GET ANY BETTER THAN THAT mocking him as "too professorial".

Tainting their Democratic opponents THROUGH DISRESPECTFUL MOCKARY is how they have managed to get Americans to vote for them.

And while these Radicals Right Wing Totallitarians (The very definition of Fascism) have lied that they are "Conservatives" $8Trillion of the 10Trillion we are in debt since George Washington was wracked up by Reagan/Bush1/Bush2.

In 2000 their largest contrubutor was Enron, then they fought relentlessly to stop the recount of the popular vote..
They talk of Freedom while curtailing our freedoms and privacy as never before.

With Republicans who needs the terrorists, And now they have 2 PHONIES running (TROJAN HOURSE) as if they are reformers.

As for what Ralph Reed said: The Democrats who voted with Bush in the begining UNFORTUNATELY TRUSTED HIM.
They did not vote for "the War" in Iraq. They voted to Intimidate Sadam into allowing the Insepctors back in and on only war AS A LAST RESORT if he did not. AND IT WORKED!

IT WAS Mr. Bush and his Party BETRAYED that vote by pushing the inspectors OUT. And it was the Republican Pary that failed to fund THE ACTUAL NEEDS OF No Child Left Behind. So we may now have nother poorly educated generation growing up just as those under Reagan.

Nobody should be fooled. While Fox Meets with the White House about what to say CNN uses Republican Talking Points With Republicans eating us from within who needs the terrorist.

Sent by MinerSam | 3:36 PM | 9-18-2008

Why are we even listening to this religious right wing closeted little bigot? I shut you off, something I've never done before. We all know about Ralph Reed and his insane allegiance to the dark powers of the right, why are you even giving him air time? You could hear the lies oozing through every syllable he spoke. Who's he fooling? Who's the Right fooling? Who's the GOP fooling? The Emperor has no clothes.
And while we're at it, why are straight people allowed to vote on civil rights for gay people? Did whites get to vote for civil rights for Blacks? Would they have given them to them? Something has to be done about these continual ballot initiatives from the right. The Catholic Church is spending MILLIONS to keep gay people in the closet, spewing forth venom from the likes of Christianist Ralph Reed. SHAME ON YOU for giving him a platform on your show.
Please be aware this in no way diminishes my high esteem for YOU.

Sent by John Vermeer | 4:46 PM | 9-18-2008

I am appalled that you have Ralph Reed on your program and are not challenging his "statements of fact." As a character on the HBO program, The Wire, said: "A lie is not another side of the story; it's just a lie." Most Americans have not gained in real terms adjusted for inflation. All the econometrics that I have read dispute this "side of the story."

Sent by Denise Ofria | 4:58 PM | 9-18-2008

Please, can you tell me why in the world people are still seeking the opinions of Ralph Reed?? This man is a disgraced plagiarist, among other things, who was intimately involved in the Jack Abramof scandal, and now he's presented and presenting himself as a moral authority?

Lying, steeling, cheating.... What would Jesus think??

Sent by Zoe | 5:00 PM | 9-18-2008

Usually I listen to NPR for the extent of my work day. Today however, I cannot listen to Talk of the Nation while Ralph Reed is Neil's guest. I am terribly disappointed that NPR would even allow this sorry excuse for a human being on the air! Does't NRP know who this guy is and aware of his baggage? There is nothing genuine about him.

Sent by Martin Duggan | 5:04 PM | 9-18-2008

What would Ralph Reed have to say about "This American Moment" after working with convicted felon Jack Abramoff, and being exposed as a corrupt and opportunistic charlatan? Please explain.

Sent by Isaac Artenstein | 5:12 PM | 9-18-2008

Only a Republican strategist would say taxing people who make more then $250,000 dollars would cost America jobs. We have not taxed the rich for the last eight years and it hasnt seemed to help us any in terms of debt, jobs, or income for the majority of America who makes less then $250,000

Sent by Curtis | 8:56 PM | 9-18-2008

I only get to listen to "Talk of the Nation" on Thursdays. Last week featured John Fund with his smear of Acorn, Barak Obama and the myth of voter fraud in US elections. I'd never heard of Fund before, but he was on Bill Mahr's Real Time last week. My only conclusion is that he is simply a Republican operative. Today's guest was Ralph Reed, the leader of the Christian Coalition who was willing to be the conduit of monies for Tom Delay's illegal funding of TX elections & an associate of Jack Abramof. It's difficult to see how these guests enlighten our views of this election other than with same old, partisan & unpatriotic cynicism of the past. NPR advertises itself as the place to go to for the political analysis we need for this most important election. I have to question that assumption. After all, if I wanted to listen to operatives, there's always the Fox News Channel. I can hardly wait to see who next Thursdays guest for "This American Moment will be."

Sent by S. Crane, Thermopolis, WY | 11:53 PM | 9-18-2008

I have a tax gripe! I always get annoyed when they throw statistics and comments like most taxes are payed by people making more than "X" number, or "small businesses" and "how do we handle this as a public policy" and there "isn't inequity". There has to be a way to separate (if we already don't)individual income taxes from business taxes. There is no doubt that the gap has increased exponentially, and that the tax breaks and concentration of wealth have done nothing to stimulate the economy. That was the whole reason for the economic stimulus package which acknowledged that the economy is stagnating because the money isn't in circulation. The ultra rich are sitting on money and using lupoles to hide and conceal their wealth. I think the wealthy need to realize they are rich because of this society not in spite of it. It is the people buying their products and consuming items that make them rich, it doesn't happen in a vacuum. If you make more money you pay more taxes. I will never shed a tear because someone can't buy that third house or fifth car. In a country we call Christian I find it laughable the disparity of classes and lack of conscience and responsibility of the wealthy to respond by paying back into a system that has made them so secure. The middle class works just as hard or harder than the rich and deserve the economic respect and security for being the back on which the rich ride carefree.

Sent by Paul J. Zak | 11:03 AM | 9-19-2008

Mr. Reed said that about 67% of all taxes paid on income in excess of 250K was paid by small businesses. He used this as a basis for claiming that Senator Obama's tax proposals will damage our economy's "engine".

This is the wrong way to frame the issue, and is grossly misleading. According to the Tax Policy Center, less than 3% of all tax units that could be considered small businesses fall into the top two brackets.

In other words, Senator Obama's tax plan will reduce the tax load for the overwhelming majority of small businesses.

Sent by C. Owen | 2:20 PM | 9-19-2008

It saddens me that having Ralph Reed on NPR programming suffices for an "American" moment! Are we not aware of his manipulative politics and his "Christian" facade? More moments like these and there will be no more "America" to speak of.

Sent by laura kawar | 3:01 PM | 9-19-2008

Every time I hear someone like Mr. Reed say the word "values", I wait for the interviewer to ask what "values" means. I am sad Mr. Conan didn't.

When I was growing up, one of the "values" I was taught was fairness. Mr. Reed ignores the idea of fairness when he discusses tax policy. One of the "values" I was taught was honesty. It isn't honest to say the lower quartile is better off than they used to be.

Another "value" I was taught was to care for those less fortunate. I have been amazed at how compassionate the conservatives have been.

What ARE the "values" is Mr. Reed talking about?

Sent by John Tucker | 3:19 PM | 9-19-2008

First, I am an average white middle-class, middle-age Catholic woman, mother and teacher. This is the first time in my 50+ years that I have felt so strongly about a candidate and this is the first time I have ever donated to a campaign. I am an Independent voter and value my right to examine all the candidates. Usually this is a tedious job but this year it was a pleasure. After learning about the man Barack Obama and reviewing his plans for the country and his positions on issues I knew this was going to be an extraordinary election because he is an extraordinary candidate.

Barack Obama is a graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Law School, where he served as president of the Harvard Law Review and he also taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School. Obama worked as director of the Developing Communities Project, a position that required leadership and managerial skills plus an altruistic motive and empathetic heart. During this time he helped set up a job training program, a college preparatory tutoring program, and a tenants' rights organization while working directly with the American citizens he was serving. After that he practiced as a civil rights attorney and then served in the Illinois Senate for seven years before he became a US Senator. He is a very intelligent man with a strong educational background. He has political experience, leadership ability and a grassroots understanding of the American people. To summarize, he has strength of character, an expansive vision, an altruistic and empathetic heart, a set of core values and beliefs, a sharp mind, wise judgment and practices an effective participatory leadership style that inspires millions of Americans and motivates them to get involved--what more could a citizen want in a president?

It's about time that we stop condemning government as if it were the enemy. I get so tired of the hearing the worn out mantra "we need to get government out of our lives" as if it were the adversary. It is not an "us and them' situation, we are all in this together. Instead of constantly complaining about taxes how about having gratitude for the government that does a decent job of providing us with roads and bridges, schools, libraries and museums, laws and courts that protect our individual rights and freedoms, etc.? Every time I'm in a car I thank God for the road beneath me. My state Representatives and Senators are allies not foes. I have relatives who are fine, decent human beings serving as public servants in Washington, making a real difference in the lives of their constituency and they don't need to be reformed. Our very Democracy is based on this relationship. If you have a problem, get involved, communicate to your representatives. If you aren't part of the solution, you're part of the problem.

Barack Obama has demonstrated that he is a worthy ally for the people, he has motivated millions of Americans in this country to take ownership of their government and their role as citizen and that is how Washington will be reformed and our country transformed. He has also inspired many young people to get involved in the political process, It's time to pass the torch of leadership to the younger generation and as a mother of two adult children in their twenties I have witnessed an enthusiasm and interest in this election from them and their friends like I've never seen been before. They're listening and asking questions and they are involved in the process. I am thrilled about this and give all the credit to Barack Obama. He has single handedly energized young people to get involved with this election, and empowered them to accept their responsibility as part of the electorate and that is a mark of true leadership. He has captured their attention and when he is elected these same young people will take an active interest in all levels of government, public service will be a noble profession again and responsible citizenship will be the norm, looks like a bright future to me. Our country is already on a path to continuous improvement led by "we the people" and Barack Obama. I firmly believe that with Barack at the helm this nation has a great future. On the other hand if he is not elected I imagine the torch will be extinguished, partisan divide will continue, cynicism will prevail and we will have lost an incredible opportunity to engage a whole generation. I truly hope that my fellow Republicans, Democrats and Independents will recognize this extraordinary moment, it represents the opportunity to begin again as a united country working together toward a brighter future and that's what matters to me. This indeed is a great and rare moment of hope and empowerment for everyone, it's time for all of us to seize the opportunity.

Sent by Ali Harrod | 8:14 AM | 9-20-2008

To say that I am disappointed with the choice of ralph reed as a guest would be understating considerably the feelings I have about this subject.
Ralph Reed is with out a doubt the slimiest of all of the Abramov gang.
They should all be in jail under the RICO statutes.

Sent by William C. Van Beckum | 1:01 PM | 9-20-2008

I am also concerned that I keep hearing Ralph Reed on NPR. How does this man have ANY credibility? Read transcripts of his conversations with Abramoff regarding Casinos. This man will say anything to further his agenda. I have heard no remorse from him on his role.
Also, he is one of the pioneers of wedge politics which has so divided us. Surely NPR can find someone more objective and credible to promote the Republican agenda, which is pretty hard to do these days.

Sent by Jay Bissett | 9:34 PM | 9-20-2008

It is ironic that so many people who have written comments here, exercising there freedom of speech, want Reed to be silenced. The strength of our democracy is listening to everything, that helps us see the truth more clearly. I have more to say about this but I do not want the main point to get lost. Listen to everyone, you might learn something.

Sent by Clifford | 10:56 AM | 9-21-2008