Peggy Noonan

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In a recent column, "A Hope for America," adapted from her new book, Patriotic Grace: What It Is and Why We Need It Now, Peggy Noonan argues that our leaders are "removed from life as we live it each day." The "mood of the moment," she writes, "is marked in part by a sense that our great institutions are faltering, that they've forgotten the mission; that the old America in which we were raised is receding, and something new and quite unknown is taking its place; that our leaders have gone astray. There is even a feeling, a faint sense sometimes that we have been relegated to the role of walk-on in someone else's drama, that as citizens we are crucial and yet somehow...extraneous."

Our series, "This American Moment," continues today. (Since the Republican and Democratic conventions, we have been asking thinkers of all stripes, of all beliefs, about the significance of this campaign and election.) Noonan will join us, at the end of the second hour, to share her thoughts.

Tell us: What does this American moment mean to you?



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