Before You Land An Interview On 'The Daily Show'...

Everyone enjoys fifteen minutes of fame, right? Lets take that statement with a grain of salt, as we know some like it more than they should... I won't name any names. Whether you're called upon to fill that slot on a game show, a reality program, or a talk show, it's nice to hear that someone actually recognized you on national TV. But sometimes, the pressure can get to all of us. Maybe the interview doesn't go as well as you'd like. The lights, the cameras, the audience — it's a lot to take in. What if you were given a few useful tips before your appearance in front of millions (and I'm not talking about the last-minute pep talk from a producer)?

Back in January, author Ethan Watters got the call from The Daily Show for an interview on his latest book, Crazy Like Us: The Globalization of the American Psyche. He seems pretty collected in the video above. Although he made an appearance on TOTN a few days prior, his talk with Jon Stewart motivated him to compile a list on his blog , warning future guests of the show. It's simply called 10 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW BEFORE GOING ON THE DAILY SHOW (Trust me, the caps are necessary).

His advice is both hilarious and more than likely useful. Here are a few of my favorites for before the show...:

2) You'll have about an hour to hang out and get nervous before you go on. A staff member on the show is there to distract you. In my case she told me the story of one former interviewee who sweated so profusely that he nearly shorted out the lavalier microphone. (To be fair to the staffer, the context of the story was — "that rarely happens.")

...during the interview...

7) When you start to speak — large images of your face will appear on monitors around the set. If you look at these images of yourself your mind will freeze up and then explode. Look only at Jon. You'll only have to say a sentence and a half before he jumps in with a zinger.

...and after the whole kit and caboodle...

10) Try not to open the copious amounts of liqueur in the gift bag* until you are out of the building and safely in the Town Car on your way back to your hotel.

Mr. Stewart, I'm working on my novel as we speak (and by that, I mean, I have the title in my head). I'm patiently waiting for that call from your producers.

*Click here to discover the contents of the coveted gift bag.



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