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It's Flickr Pix Monday, Do You Know Where Your Dahlias Are?

So let's start off this deliciously wet Monday (at least here in Oregon) with the Talking Plants Flickr Pix of the Week...

Iooking into an orange flower

This week's photographer is Steve Garfield, who shot right down into the kisser of a pinwheeled dahlia. At least that's my best guess what the flower is, based on its foliage. Any dissent in the ranks? photo credit: Steve Garfield hide caption

itoggle caption photo credit: Steve Garfield
red dahlia in mid-August garden

Good idea to get your flower in focus if you're going to submit to the Talking Plants Flickr Pix. (Clearly, I have no business being in the club.) photo credit: Ketzel Levine, NPR hide caption

itoggle caption photo credit: Ketzel Levine, NPR

And speaking of dahlias, there is none finer (nor more ubiquitous) than the red alarm in a dark night that is the dark-foliaged dahlia, 'Bishop of Llandaff'. Here's a quick shot just scored from the dripping front garden.

Meanwhile, amidst this jumble of August growth you might see the red flowers from a flowering shrub known as Abutilon in the background, left.

Care to offer your fellow gardeners your favorite dahlia picks with pix?



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This looks like a Gazania to me.

Sent by Carol | 6:54 PM | 8-20-2007

Looks like you might be right. Just checked Wikipedia and their entry for gazania shows a pic almost identical to Steve's. Same thing when you do a Google image search.

Sent by andy carvin | 9:40 AM | 8-21-2007

Yeah, team! I stand corrected and thank you.

Sent by Ketzel Levine | 11:00 AM | 8-21-2007

We planted bulbs and waited 6 weeks for the sign of a green ear. Then they grew. And grew. And grew. They are now 6 feet tall with the stalks covered with gorgeous, 5 inch deep red "button" dahlia blossoms. They face east in the morning, gradually turn west in PM

Sent by Jeane | 12:12 PM | 8-21-2007

I do believe it is a Ganzania as well. I took a look and got excited that I knew the correct answer.

Sent by Jean Wilper | 1:18 PM | 8-21-2007

Thanks for featuring my photo. I saw it on a sidewalk planter while on Nantucket, and had to stop to capture the image.

Sent by Steve Garfield | 3:49 PM | 8-21-2007

There is a Gazania group on flickr. If you are interested in this flower, wait till you see a whole group pool of them!

Sent by cobalt | 5:17 PM | 8-21-2007

This is a Gazania-I have one just like it in my garden. It would look as good, except that an elk decided to walk thru and check out the plant population, and stepped on my specimen! UGH!

Sent by karen fitz | 6:01 PM | 8-21-2007

A Gazania - probably the hybrid called Sunshine. Beautiful and tough flower. A certain gardener, known for keeping his garden deadheaded, clipped all the spent blooms from his gazanias early one morning. He took a break about 9 am and returned to see the deadhead basket completely full of blooming flowers - oops. He didn't know they flowers closed up at night and reopened the next morning!

Sent by Don Pylant | 9:31 AM | 8-22-2007

The leaves behind the flower look more like dahlias, if those leaves indeed belong to the flower. Isn't the gazania used for a ground cover, a very low growing spreading plant? I think the leaves on it are almost like a wide blade of grass.

Sent by Bonnie | 11:07 AM | 8-22-2007

I call it "Orange Heartbeat". Can't you just feel it?

Sent by Sharon | 12:02 PM | 8-22-2007

Bonnie, there is indeed a perennial groundcover Gazania, but I believe its flowers are not as showy. This one is an annual hybrid. Look up Gazania Sunshine

Sent by Don Pylant | 1:40 PM | 8-22-2007

Gazania, Definitely.

Sent by april | 1:41 PM | 8-22-2007

It's definately a gazania.

Sent by Carrie | 3:17 PM | 8-22-2007

gazania definately

Sent by frannie whelan | 12:52 PM | 8-23-2007

Well OK, Ketzel. After seeing your Cape groundcover, I take back my statement about the perennial gazanias being less showy. Got seeds?

Sent by Don Pylant | 4:57 PM | 8-23-2007

I don't have any, Don, but here's a South African seed source:

I just looked online and much to my chagrin they have it listed as Gazania krebsiana 'Orange'. Oy, my batting average...

Sent by Ketzel Levine | 6:27 PM | 8-23-2007