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Call it a Placesaver

It's Tuesday morning 1:45 am and I'm not entirely sure why I've stopped by at this Hour of the Snoring Beagle except to confess I took a vacation last week and did not bring you along.

I figured I'd just slip away quietly without my computer to hike and to sleep with abandon, then sneak back online like I'd never been gone. But now I find myself on the verge of feeling guilty for just taking off "without so much as a by your leave" (what does that mean, anyway?).

So I'm thinking this is a challenge in need of a solution since I will certainly go away without you again (it's not personal). Perhaps what we Guest Blogger.

But who? You? So introduce yourself to the community and let us read some of your stuff.

Meanwhile, this is going to be a big week, the week we find out what Eve would do with my sorry side yard. Based on the trucks parked on the street outside my house, she would hire young men with big shoulders and get out of their way. Really, though, I am ready to take you along for my garden remodel which...has...begun!

Just let me get a few hrs sleep (it's now 2:38am; this meager offering took an hour?) and I will start the tale, What Would Eve Do, tomorrow...



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I hope you slept well! In Southern California, the wild sunflowers at the side of the freeways have taken off, growing with mad abandon. The jacarandas are losing their beautiful purple as the flowers are replaced with leaves. The mimosas, with their pale orange and pink little puff flowers have started, and one or two early crape myrtles have put in an appearance. The roses are on their second big bloom of the year. The peaches are beginning to take on a peachy tone, the apples are still green and the mint has come to completely dominate the lower vegetable beds. The oregano thrives around the pool.

It's a beautiful time to live in Southern California.

Sent by Lauren Uroff | 5:45 PM | 6-10-2008

I don't know that I could live up to your work, but if you're serious about looking for an occasional guest blogger and I fit what you're looking for, do let me know. You can find my blog at (or, I see, at your blogroll--thanks for including me!).

Sent by Christina | 12:58 AM | 6-11-2008

I just stumbled upon your blog, what a find! If you ever need to leave us, I would be more than thrilled to guest-blog (not to mention it will give my friends a much needed break from having to here about my garden, which is fantastic, by the way...) Here is a sample of my blog/rant/blathering on and on...PS. My tomatoes still haven't figured out that they aren't suppose to be growing here this time of year, and I'm not going to tell them!

Salsa for Christmas This Year Mar 26, 2008 1:55 am

I must look like a hoarder now. My tiny apartment garden has grown three-fold in it's bed while everyone sleeps.
I started with two Merigolds last November. Every time I pinched the flowers out, babies grew! What's a girl to do but give them their own pots? So I came here with my pots, and babies, and a huge bag of Miracle grow. The neighbors (four feet away) loved me the very second day when I cut the stalks, four feet high stalks, from the shrubs, and began planting my little, potted, garden of flowers.
I must admit to a bit of "horder's instinct" whilst collecting my plants. I haggle anyone who gets in the way! The "dead flower section" I called my very own, and, sadly, Home Depot was forced to come up with a "policy" just for me and quit selling sad and dying blooms for one dollar. I just had to give up the secret that all they needed was some water and maybe a bigger pot. Now they won't let me whittle the price of twenty half-dead plants down to the cost of three. They just throw them in the trash compactor.
That's OK, I can't have my own babies, but I can make a plant quiver with longing to have one for me. I got flowers out of seeds that were stuck in a drawer for over ten years, I can grow anything! Picking, pruning, seeding, dead-heading, stealing. I gotta lot of flowers. Breaking a tied-up root ball, cutting a bit off the serious side, plucking a succulant leaf and sticking it right in the ground. I got flowers. Now what?
$6.72 for four vine-ripe tomatoes? I sliced that sucker open and tossed the seeds on some soil, I've never tried it before, but I am just mad enough about the cost to give them a whirl!
I had to cull the proliferation of tomato babies today. I have nine decent babies left, four of which I am hoping will thrive, one of which I am hoping will bare fruit...SALSA!!!

Sent by Jeannie Elliott | 5:54 AM | 6-19-2008