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One of the on-going discussion groups at the Talking Plant Flickr site has focused on that age-old gardening question, "What the hell is that plant?". Thanks to the page's moderator and TP's best friend Andy Carvin, we've had some interesting species pop up for identification now and again.

TP flickr member Live Now posted this to the stumped page to see what might turn up. The answer, wit

TP flickr member Live Now posted this to the stumped page to see what might turn up. The answer, with help from Mike in Oregon: the fluffy seedheads from our native western pasqueflower, Anemone occidentalis. Isn't it a hoot? The mountain in the background is the ever-spectacular Mt. Rainier, which I will go to my grave never being able to pronounce. photo credit: Live Now hide caption

itoggle caption photo credit: Live Now

I expect you'll be seeing a lot more peculiar seed heads, fruits and unusual late-blooming flowers — or perhaps you've got a file of stuff you're still wondering about — in which case, consider this an invitation to post your unidenfied flora and if I can't figure it out, no doubt one of our community can.

You can either post your pix here (with a few useful hints, please!, like location and season pix was taken) or send me an e-mail with jpg attached and again, as much info as you can recall.




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Can anyone help me with propagating tips? I have followed the guidelines of snipping off a small branch from a Oakleaf Hydrangea and dipping into root hormone, poking a hole into the perlite, placing the branch into the hole, water, cover with plastic to hold moisture, etc. But it all wilted in about a week.I don't have a problem getting more cuttings but don't won't to keep getting discouraged. I sure would appreciate some help.

Sent by Charlotte Wilson | 12:52 PM | 8-27-2008

Boy, Charlotte, you are taking ruthless advantage of my offer to help. I've got my heart set on doing plant i.d.'s, so much more fun! But I'll make an exception for you since I just got a bunch of hydrangea cuttings during my pilgrimage to the home of Dan Hinkley (see blog entry, Mr American Horticulture) and here's his quick and dirty response:

"It sounds as if she has taken her cutting before the wood was firm enough. She must also reduce the size of the hydrangea leaf by 2/3'rds to reduce transpiration loss and keep it out of direct light."

Now, any plant i.d.'s needed, guys?

Sent by Ketzel Levine | 3:33 PM | 8-27-2008

You don't have to go to your grave not being able to pronounce Rainier. I grew up in Eastern Washington where we say: Ray-near. The second syllable stressed. Rainier beer is an old NW favorite, and in the 80's they had a cute commerical that provides a perfect example of correct pronunciation:

Sent by Jennifer | 4:03 PM | 8-27-2008

The ad just might help! Thanks, J

Sent by Ketzel Levine | 4:37 PM | 8-27-2008

Here is a plant I photographed on the side of the road. One of my shots shows my husband standing beside the plants so you can see the size of them. The county mowed it all down the next week!

Is it yarrow? I have seen pictures of yarrow that look similar.

I really don't know where to start in identifying these plants, as I have no background in botany--I just like plants.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me, or any direction you can point me in.

Sent by Eileen Vennum | 12:44 AM | 8-28-2008

Got your pix, Eileen. Will be jammin' (hint, hint) with answer tomorrow...

Sent by Ketzel Levine | 12:51 AM | 8-28-2008

Ketzel, Discovered the "What the hell is this plant" Flickr site a few days ago, and I have to say it's more addictive than the NY Times crossword (apologies to Will Shortz). Nice to find some use for the botanical trivia I've stored up over the years!

Sent by Eric Larson | 7:29 PM | 8-29-2008