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Hi everyone, lots of interesting studies made today's show — like the report on Latinos and binge eating, and another study which suggests that it's our friends who help us gain weight the most...can I say "help?!!"

The No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) has been controversial ever since its inception and today's discussion was no exception. Under a provision of NCLB legislation, Maryland is one of a handful of states that identifies schools as "persistently dangerous." As a result, five Baltimore schools now hold that dubious distinction. The designation kicks-in when incidents like a student hitting a teacher are documented over a three year period, for example. But city officials say they've been working aggressively to resolve problems and that the designation doesn't help.

So should schools bear the "dangerous" moniker? Is it fair?
And what really makes a school "dangerous?"
We'd like to hear from you.

And last, could you do without your e-gadgets? We heard from a journalism professor who put her students on a techno-free diet. No cell phones, computers, TV radios or anything electronic for 24 hours. Some thought it was sheer torture while others found out that reading a newspaper isn't so bad after all.

Have you ever tried anything similiar? Think you could make it?

Tell us more...



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Yes, I limit my technology access on a regular basis. Whenever I take weekend jaunts for pleasure I generally don't take my laptop. I will always take my cell phone because that is my main means of communication with everyone.

I also limit my online connection on many weekends when I am home. I will check my e-mail, but if it is not a pressing task I may not respond immediately.

Sent by ernise | 8:54 PM | 7-30-2007

Far more interesting to me than the alleged acts of Michael Vick is the unbelievably harsh reaction of whites. They apparently have ignored the FACT that the "president" has started an illegal war with a whole 'nother race of people--murdering tens of thousands of innocents--whilst stealing their oil and claiming "the terrorists made me do it." This bothers white people not even a little bit while they groan and moan over dogfighting--even as more and more of their own legless, armless, lifeless soldiers come back to be ignored in veterans hospitals. How many NFL players and administrators supported this damnable war?! They are FAR more dangerous to civilized society than anything Vick is alleged to have done.

I appeal to the NAACP to make some of these points to recast the issue from a Black perspective. Thank you.

Darryl Harris, New York

Sent by Darryl Harris, New York | 10:28 AM | 7-31-2007

E-gadget diet

The only time I do without any e-gadget is during my vacation when I completely shut down and when it is forced on me by a hurricane.

Sent by Moji | 4:58 PM | 7-31-2007

Schools "dangerous"?

What makes a school "dangerous"? Is it the physical condition of the building, or the behavior of the occupants?

And if a school is dangerous, is it fair to withhold that information from parents and students?

Sent by Tom Emmert | 8:21 AM | 8-1-2007

I stopped working in public schools years ago after breaking up too many fights and being hit by students and verbally cussed out by students. The administration was not effective in stopping their outrageous behavior. It was an unhappy time for all. I am much happier and the students are happier in Catholic schools. When I discipline catholic students, it is usually because they are too social. I would much rather teach happy students!

Sent by Nancy Gunn | 1:11 PM | 8-17-2007