Behind the Curtain at TMM

Grateful for _______.

We've had a full day, so this will be quick:

What are you grateful for?

Yes, the big day is coming up — the national holiday — when we are to (try) and maintain an "attitude of gratitude."

So, again, what are YOU grateful for?

Be original, be interesting, be poetic. We just might record your comments for our Thanksgiving show...

And coming up tomorrow...

The Pew Research Center, in association with NPR, has come up with some new numbers about race and racial attitudes — among African Americans and Whites. We'll be discussing this for the next few days, along with several other NPR programs. We plan to have a range of discussions — cross-generational, multi-racial. After the numbers are published, we want to know how this resonates with your world. Let us know...



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I am grateful for my family and the support they provide for me. I have been away for many years pursuing a career and various graduate degrees. I recently decided to return to my home city and my family has made the transition easy. I know that without their support and encouragement over the years I would not be in the position I am in today.

Sent by ernise | 8:53 AM | 11-15-2007

I am grateful for my son. His name is Christopher. He just called me to tell me he got 4A,s and 1B on his report card. This is his senoir year. He wants to be a doctor. Not many parents of an African American young man can express the happiness that I feel right now. So yes I am grateful for my son, Christopher.

Sent by Andre Branch | 3:41 PM | 11-15-2007

I am grateful for being born with
very rare skills in mathematics, yet
no place in the science world to utilize such ability. THIS year is
a thanksgiving for hope that some
day soon opportunity to expose the
greatest levels mathematics will prevail.I am grateful for greater hope.

Sent by jerry a. Myers | 3:41 AM | 11-17-2007

I am grateful for my family - my multi-cultural, multi-continental family. We may not always see eye to eye on culture, faith, politics, and the older generation may complain about the "westernized" views of their American-born and/or British raised kids. But as I was reminded of this past weekend; when a life event or issue arises, we are all there for each no matter what. That definition of family is understood across all cultures.

Sent by Moji | 9:04 AM | 11-19-2007

I first want to congratulate you on being on the air for a year. This is the best show on npr, hands down. I have always tried to be open minded about your topics and guests even if I was not really into it.However, Karl Rove as a guest once I can understand, but twice in a couple of months, to me is a bit much. This man is partly responsible for the deaths of over 4000 American service men and women, he should be serving jail time right now for some of the other atrocities that he help spearhead. So before I even listen to your interview with him I bet you were given only certain questions you could ask. I mean don't you want to know if he would honestly answer whether or not he had anything to do with the firing of certain attorney generals? or if he really had something to do with the indictment of Alabama's former Gov.? I personally think he is a racist who should not be looked at like he's some sort of authority on politics, when he's led some of the most racially charged to hell with the black vote campaigns throughout his career. But thats just me. I am going to listen just to see if you prove me wrong, but please if you have parameters on the questions you can ask how important is really to have them on such a top notch, excellent show as TMM?

Sent by darren adkins | 10:54 AM | 5-9-2008