The Barbershop Revealed

Jimi, get ready for your close-up.

Lee Hill, our resident web producer, is out for a few weeks doing a multi-media training. But he swung by last week to offer up some of his new skills. We had four of the Barbershop regulars in studio (Jimi Izrael, Arsalan Iftikhar, Nick Charles and Lester Spence) ... a perfect time to catch some live action video. So Lee came by to shoot them taping the segment and then talked to the guys afterwards. Here's the video.... (thanks Lee, you've taken the Barbershop to the next level!)



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Thank you for posting the Barbershop video. Hmmmm did not know Jimmy was so PHINE. Does he need a date ? :) Keep up the good work guys.

Sent by Kim Coleman | 2:14 PM | 5-8-2008

that was cool. loved the video! good to put faces to those voices.

Sent by ernise | 10:20 PM | 5-8-2008

What can I say? I am an boutique state, latte-sipping, suburban white guy who lives for the shop. Thanks all!

Sent by Geoff Fitch | 5:49 PM | 5-9-2008

I gotta tell you, the barbershop is my favorite feature of "Tell Me More". I never miss it. It is great to see the guys "in person". I'm Sorry Ruben wasn't in for this.


Sent by Jim Trenton | 8:55 PM | 5-9-2008

Y'all look good. :)

Sent by George Kelly | 2:43 PM | 5-12-2008

Your talking about Jimmy! Let's talk about Arsalan Iftikhar. What a hottie!


Sent by johanna wojciechowski | 1:33 PM | 5-13-2008

I agree with an earlier poster. Barbershop is the highlight of all of the NPR podcasts I listen to. I'm getting all of my friends hook on it too. I love the way they are able to address serious topics but still give some of it an irreverent twist.

Sent by Lisa | 4:08 PM | 6-6-2008

I listen to your show everyday. But my favorite is the Barbershop. If you have never gone to a Black Barbershop, this is the real deal!

Sent by Toni | 7:03 AM | 6-11-2008