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NYT: Clinton to Concede, Endorse Obama

The New York Times is reporting that Sen. Hillary Clinton will likely officially concede the Democratic nomination and endorse Sen. Barack Obama, the likely nominee, on Friday. As its source, the newspaper credits a senior aide to the campaign.

If true, the suspension of the Clinton campaign comes two days after Obama weighed in with 2154 national delegates — well above the minimum 2118 needed to secure the nomination.



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Sent by Raul | 8:26 PM | 6-4-2008

Now we'll see if she attempts to hold Obama hostage, with her so called group of supporters, in order to gain a VP spot on the ticket. Everyone but Hillary accepted Obama's victory in this process. It shows that her sense of entitlement is far exceeds her sense of reality. None the less, America has its first African-American candidate for President. MalcomX, MLK, and JFK are smiling. Its a great day indeed!!!

Sent by Glenn | 11:57 AM | 6-5-2008

I am hoping to continue the conversation from today's Tell Me More show. I am a white Christian 30 year old stay at home mom, and I have to admit that most of my best friends can be identified the same way. AND like myself, every friend of mine I have talked to about politics also voted for Barak Obama. My brother in Boston worked on his campaign. My dad in Minnesota has attended his rallies. The fact that Obama is black is a significant historical moment to be sure, but in the end I voted for him because was moved by his optimism and his historical perpectives. In my conscious mind, his race had nothing to do with my decision to vote for him. I'm wondering, am I naive to think that my generation is more blind to color? Now that he's the nominee, I have heard so many black commentators saying "I never thought this day would come", so why as a white woman am I not shocked that this day has come so soon?

Sent by Kate | 3:12 PM | 6-5-2008

I have been reading the blogs all day, call me the Jr Political Junkie and as and African American woman I was so proud of the chose between an African American and a women. This was only the third time in my life when my vote really meant something to me, when I voted for President Clinton, when I voted for Harold Washington and when I voted for Barack Obama. But as I read the blogs (just left Hillaryclinton.com) and I am sadden by the hatred and ignorance. There is a campaign to vote for McCain just because they hate Obama. I studied how people have given their life for the right to vote and here are people talking about throwing their vote away over some sore grapes not looking at the bigger picture, people are dying in Iraq and can't feed their families and because their feelings are hurt they want to throw it all away. I am disappointed

Sent by Yvonne Armstrong | 3:39 PM | 6-5-2008

I am not going to let her still my joy, but she is giving it the old college try. I believe she needs some alone time without input from her most fierce supporters. The Clinton's know how to use words so all that they have said and implied up to this point has been very deliberate. If she uses the word support instead of endorse, on Sat. I expect trouble at the convention or after giving it second thought an independent run for the White House. It's a woman's prerogative... Since Harold Ford put the 'Dream ticket' out there I mean Nightmare ticket, I wonder what the motivation is. Obama will pick who he wants to pick. No matter how historic, I don't believe she deserves to be on any list for veep--
Obama has run a race of dignity and respect. If Obama did just one of outrageous things she has done, he would've been out at the beginning of the year.

Sent by Donna | 11:20 PM | 6-5-2008