By Madhulika Sikka

I reveal myself as a bit odd by admitting that as a 17-year-old high school student, in an oh-so proper British girl's school, nothing gave me greater joy than curling up in the little cubby under the grand staircase and reading a laugh-out-loud funny memoir called Unreliable Memoirs.


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But I must confess, I'm odd and I did.

And I am delighted to say that if you missed that book when it came out some three decades ago in America (which you did, since it went nowhere), you get a second chance with its reissue today here in the U.S. You should seize it.

Clive who? Well to call him a Renaissance man actually doesn't do him justice. I was first exposed to his wonderful witticisms when he was TV critic at The Observer newspaper. But he's done it all: literary critic, TV host, documentary producer, memoirist, satirical poet, an old fashioned man of letters.

Did I mention, he's very funny? A transplanted Australian, he came to England for college and makes London his home.

As he tells Renee Montagne in an interview for tomorrow's Morning Edition, he discovered his gift for telling stories early on and has been telling them ever since but it took him a lifetime to make his mother proud:

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12:09 - May 18, 2009