By Mark Memmott

The White House just announced that President Barack Obama "will visit wounded warriors and their families at Landstuhl Regional Medical Facility in Germany on June 5, 2009," during his upcoming trip to Europe.

The statement adds that:

Landstuhl supports our service men and women stationed in Europe, and serves a leading and vital role in the care and recovery of personnel medically evacuated from Afghanistan, Iraq, and other forward-deployed posts within the U.S. European Command, Central Command and Africa Command areas of responsibility.

During last year's presidential campaign, Obama came under sharp criticism from Republican opponent John McCain when he canceled a planned visit to the facility.

Obama's campaign said it had been advised by the Pentagon that the visit might look like a campaign event -- something that's now allowed at military facilities. McCain's campaign blasted Obama, saying it is never "inappropriate" to visit wounded military personnel.

10:48 - May 28, 2009