Missouri's senior Sen. Christopher

Bond, R-Mo., will vote "aye." (Kelley McCall / AP)

By Mark Memmott

Add Sen. Christopher "Kit" Bond of Missouri to the small list of Republicans who say they'll vote to confirm Supreme Court nominee Judge Sonia Sotomayor.

The senator announced his decision on the floor of the Senate a short while ago. The Kansas City Star's Prime Buzz blog says the senator, who's retiring next year, thinks Sotomayor is qualified and that last year's election -- which put Democrat Barack Obama in the White House -- should matter. "Elections do have consequences," he said.

The Senate is due to vote on Sotomayor tomorrow. Her confirmation is almost certain -- Democrats and their allies control 60 seats and all are expected to support Obama's choice. Also, so far about a half dozen Republicans have made it known they will support her confirmation.

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12:20 - August 5, 2009