By Mark Memmott

Could this video possibly be any cuter?

Guy in the stands at Phillies-Nationals game catches a foul ball. He hands the prize to a little girl, who of course is pretty in pink.

And she throws it over the balcony back toward the field.

Perhaps the best part: The guy's wonderul, joyous reaction and hug for her. We're betting he's her dad -- and we like his style.

Update at 2 p.m. ET. Good Day Philadelphia, the local Fox station, spoke with Steve Monforto -- who says he's the dad. "I wanted to just let her know that she didn't do anything wrong," he says of three-year-old daughter Emily:

Dad says the Phillies gave the family another ball to replace the one Emily tossed.

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8:50 - September 16, 2009