By Mark Memmott

Fifty miles north of the border with Mexico, in the Arizona desert, NPR's Ted Robbins was with Border Patrol agent Paul Dubois as a search and trauma team tracked four people who turned out to be illegal immigrants -- and as a Border Patrol helicopter flew over to get much-needed water to the illegal crossers:

On All Things Considered later today, Ted reports on the deadly toll in the desert. As increased enforcement and other factors have lead to a decrease in the number of people trying to cross into the United States, the death rate among those illegal immigrants has not declined.

David Hoffman, of the Border Patrol's planning, policy and analysis division blames smugglers for leading illegal immigrants into remote areas of the desert without giving them adequate supplies of water and other necessities. Rev. Robin Hoover of the group Humane Borders, blames U.S. policy:

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1:45 - September 21, 2009