By Mark Memmott

As Frank said last evening, when President Barack Obama stopped by CBS-TV's Late Show with David Letterman, a weirdly shaped tuber got much of the attention.

And as NPR's Don Gonyea reports, the president used some humor when a very touchy subject -- race -- came up:

Letterman asked about the shouting and anger at town halls this summer, and how some critics have vilified the president. He noted that former President Jimmy Carter said some of it is rooted is racism.
"Is he onto something there or is that just something to talk about?," Letterman asked.
"First of all," Obama began his answer. "I think it's important to realize that I was actually black before the election."
The audience roared with laugher.

Obama goes on to say that he doesn't blame racism for the anger and shouting. People always get "riled up," he says, when presidents push for major changes.

For those who want to see some of the video, here's what CBS has made available:

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8:50 - September 22, 2009