By Sonari Glinton

We do a lot of obituaries on All Things Considered. There's no real rhyme or reason behind who we pick and who we don't.

When someone dies usually there is a staff member who feels passionate about marking the death and has to convince everyone else. Today when Robert Siegel walked into ATC's horseshoe he had a lot of convincing to do.

Pianist Art Ferrante had died. He was half of the piano duo Ferrante and Teicher. The group was billed as the "Grand Twins of the Twin Grands." It wasn't until we'd piled into the tiny director's office to watch YouTube videos that we were convinced.

More than 88 million records sold worldwide, in excess of 5,000 concerts...even the youngest most ironic of us were convinced, truly an era has passed. Art Ferrante (1921-2009) and Louis Teicher (1924-2008), rest in peace.

(Sonari Glinton is an All Things Considered producer.)

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5:40 - September 22, 2009