President Obama in the rain from behind.

A rain-soaked President Barack Obama greets people who attended the Pentagon 9/11 commemoration. (Charles Dharapak / AP Photo)

By Frank James

Presidents are among the most pampered individuals in the world. Their motorcades never stop for traffic lights, they have 747s at their disposal and dozens of people whose daily thoughts boil down to the question: "How do I make the president happy today?"

So it's not an everyday you see a president with his suit soaked through by rain as was the case with President Barack Obama at his appearance at the Pentagon this morning to observe the eighth anniversary of 9/11.

That the president should be drenched by a steady rain during a memorial to the thousands who died on this day eight years ago seemed appropriate to the somber mood of continuing grief that comes with this anniversary.

That the president was wet like everyone else in attendance served to underscore the moment of shared national sadness.

Wet President Barack Obama stands at attention at Pentagon 9/11 memorial.

Rain drips down President Barack Obama's face as he stands at attention during Pentagon event to mark the eighth anniversary of 9/11. (Charles Dharapak / AP Photo)

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1:13 - September 11, 2009