By Frank James

So Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's office says it's only a coincidence that the governor's veto letter to the California General Assembly canning a bill authored by an adversarial lawmaker appears to contain an obscene smackdown.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's secret message to lawmakers is exceedingly unlikely to be a coincidence. (Nick Ut / AP Photo)

But as we heard from a cryptology expert and mathematic professor Robert Lewand of Goucher College in Baltimore who All Things Considered host Melissa Block interviewed Wednesday, the odds the letters on the page aligned themselves in such a way as to create the lewd message were fairly astronomical, along the lines of 5.5 in one trillion. So not very likely.

"I think somebody in the governor's office was just having a little fun," Lewand said. And so do we.

Here's the letter with the hidden message:

Ammiano Letter From Schwarzenegger -- Hidden message if you take first letter of every line

If you look at the first letter in each line, starting from the third line and leaving out the closing "sincerely," you should see it.

Very strange to have something like this come out of a governor's office.

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7:12 - October 28, 2009