By Mark Memmott

American news outlets aren't the only ones going to town over the story of the party crashers who got into Tuesday night's State Dinner at the White House.

Since it was Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh who was the guest of honor, the always aggressive news media in his country are also on the story.

The Hindustan Times has the news on the front of its website.

And the Times media group, which includes the Times of India and, has this video report about what it calls the "massive breach of security" and a U.S. Secret Service that was "sleeping on the job" when it let the crashers get in and meet the two leaders (sorry, it plays automatically; you can always hit the pause button):

The Secret Service has conceded it is "deeply concerned and embarrassed" that two people who had not been invited got into the White House.

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8:59 - November 28, 2009