By Frank James

Jon Stewart and his Daily Show crew happened to notice something a little strange about video Fox News' Sean Hannity used to illustrate an interview with Rep. Michele Bachmann about last week's Capitol Hill health-care protest by conservatives.

As Stewart points out, some of the video Hannity used appears not to have been recorded at last week's event but in September when a far larger crowd of Tea Partiers converged on the nation's capital. Glenn Beck used the same video two months ago to illustrate just how large the crowds of protesters were. Interesting...

(Warning: Stewart stops just short of using a common expletive in this video. Still, you can tell what he's saying; it's the kind of language we tell our kids never to use. But Stewart's Hannity catch is good enough to override my disappointment over his potty mouth.)

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Sean Hannity Uses Glenn Beck's Protest Footage
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2:01 - November 11, 2009