French police handout made available on November 6, 2009, of a recent photograph of Tony Musulin, the driver of an armored car carrying more than 10 million Euros which disappeared for several hours on November 5, before being discovered abandoned without the money. The truck, belonging to Swedish security firm Loomis, was carrying a sum of money for the Bank of France in the southeastern French city of Lyon when it disappeared on Thursday morning. French police launched a search for the driver. (AFP/Getty Images)

Where's Tony? (French police/AFP/Getty Images)

By Mark Memmott

Since Tony Musulin and his security van disappeared in Lyon, France, last Thursday, he's become something of an Internet sensation. There are Facebook fans, blog posts declaring him the "best thief of the year", and the inevitable t-shirts and online videos.

Today, as BBC News reports, police found 9 million of the 11.6 million Euros that Musulin allegedly drove off with. The van had been found just hours after it, and Musulin, disappeared. The cash was discovered in a rented garage.

That still leaves 2.6 million Euros missing -- or about $3.9 million at the current exchange rate.

And that's a lot of money to have if you need to disappear.

Earlier, NPR's Eleanor Beardsley filed this report on the sensational case:

We're curious (and this is just for fun):

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10:50 - November 9, 2009