By Mark Memmott

"Dutch military police are investigating the possibility that an accomplice may have helped the Nigerian man accused of trying to blow up a flight from Amsterdam to Detroit on Christmas Day," Reuters reports.

The report of a possible accomplice first surfaced on, a newssite that posts stories from the Grand Rapids Press and other Michigan outlets. Saturday, it reported about a Michigan couple who were on the flight and said they had seen a man with suspect Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab at the airport in Amsterdam before the flight took off for Detroit. says that according to the couple, Lori and Kurt Haskell, the man asked ticket agents whether Abdulmutallab could board without a passport and told them that Abdulmutallab was from Sudan. The two men then went somewhere else in the airport with airline personnel, the Michigan couple say.

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12:48 - December 28, 2009