A photo released by Medecins sans Frontieres (MSF) on January 16, 2010 shows a medical team at work in tents in front of what was La Trinit?? trauma hospital and rehabilitation center Pacot in Port-au-Prince on January 15, 2010 following the devastating earthquake. (Photo by Julie Remy/AFP/Getty Images)

Doctors Without Borders personnel at work Saturday in Port-au-Prince. Julie Remy/AFP/Getty Images)

By Mark Memmott

A quick update from Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres). It's holding a conference call with reporters about the work it's doing in Haiti:

-- So far, its doctors have treated more than 3,000 people and performed more than 500 surgeries, says spokeswoman Avril Benoit in Toronto.

-- From the group's perspective, international coordination of the relief effort "is not existing or (is) not sufficient," says Benoit Leduc, the organization's aid manger in Haiti, who is in Port-au-Prince.

-- The aid group continues to criticize the U.S. and its allies for not allowing two of its supply flights to land in Port-au-Prince over the weekend. Because they were diverted to the Dominican Republic, Leduc says, there was a "48 hours additional delay" in getting the medicines and other materials to Haiti.

-- Benoit says Doctors Without Borders has been allowed to land four supply flights in Port-au-Prince, with a total 135 tons of supplies. Two flights, with 65 tons of supplies, were diverted to the Dominican Republic.

-- Loris de Filippi, the group's operational coordinator in Port-au-Prince, says Doctors Without Borders has treated at least six gunshot victims in the past couple days.

Update at 11:32 a.m. ET: "Hundreds of people" could die because of a 48-hour delay in getting the supplies, Leduc just warned.

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11:23 - January 18, 2010