By Mark Memmott

As we all try to get our heads around the incredible suffering in Haiti, here's a reminder of something really good that happened one year ago today -- the miracle on the Hudson:

 In this file photo from Jan. 15, 2009, airline passengers wait to be rescued on the wings of a US Airways Airbus 320 jetliner that safely ditched in the frigid waters of the Hudson River in New York, after a flock of birds knocked out both its engines. (AP Photo/Steven Day, File)

Jan. 15, 2009. (Steven Day/AP)

Obviously, the two stories are not equal in scale. But when the news is so bleak, a moment of reflection on something that's heart-warming -- not heart-breaking -- isn't a bad way to start the day.

Many of those who were on the plane a year ago, including Capt. Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger and his crew, are expected together today near where the plane came down.

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8:25 - January 15, 2010